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  • The Ultimate Guideline to Use a Yoga Wheel

    19 Dec 2019
    The Ultimate Guideline to Use a Yoga Wheel

    Do you know how to use a yoga wheel? A yoga wheel is a circular-shaped prop that helps you to relax your muscles and relieve tension. Dharma wheel was the first designed among its kind, but now, many companies use the design to make their props.

    Who Should Use a Yoga Wheel?

    Anyone can use this gear for exercise or help relieve pain. If you suffer from chronic back pains, using this wheel at least twice a week soothes your pain over time. It also helps to stretch and relieve muscle tension associated with the pain.

    Yogis also benefit from this accessory as it helps them to attempt complicated poses without the risk of falling or injuries. The wheel creates stability and provides comfort as you try several poses. It also helps to correct posture.

    Beginner and Advanced Exercises using a Yoga Wheel

    Child’s Pose with a yoga wheel

    These exercises give us a message by reaching those parts that we cannot, and also you don’t have to visit the gym for this exercise. Below are ideas on how you can use the yoga wheel for beginners and yogis on all levels.

    1. Child's Pose

    This pose is as easy as other basic yoga exercises; this is why it is one of the best wheels for beginners’ workout. Perform the child’s pose but ensure that your arms and knees remain on the floor. Extend your knees on opposite sides until they are more than hip-length apart. Place your dharma yoga wheel between your knees. Inhale and as you breathe out incline forward, rotating from the hips and reeling the ball ahead until your gut brushes your laps. Ensure that at the end of this pose, your hands are stretched forward. You should attempt a yoga wheel for beginners by doing the child’s pose.

    2. Spinal Stretch

    Spinal Stretch with a yoga wheel

    When looking for simple exercises using a yoga wheel, the spinal stretch should be on your list. It not only takes a few minutes, but it’s also one of the best strengthening exercises. Sit straight and avoid crouching, then arch your knees to face upright. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to use a yoga ball. Place the gear at the base of your tailbone, exhale and roll slowly on the wheel. Let your palms on your side. If you had a rough day, spinal stretch allows you to relax by opening your heart and relaxing your spine. You can also adjust the exercise by doing the reclining butterfly.

    3. Forward Fold

    Yoga wheel exercises are simple, and this one is no exception. Sit on your rug and stretch your legs until you feel it in your thigh muscles. Grasp the yoga ball before you, and as you exhale, turn using your hips and reel the gear to the front. Shift your upper body downwards as you extend your arms and tighten your feet.

    4. Gate Pose

    Gate Pose with a yoga wheel

    It is a straightforward yoga wheel for beginners’ practice. Kneel on the rug and maintain a tabletop pose. Put your arms under the shoulders, then stretch one leg and place it on the wheel. Keep your hips in position and the other knee under it and slightly reel to the side gently. If you follow this guide, you might feel the stretch in your thighs and feet.

    5.High Lunge

    You might want to start with light yoga exercises like a high lunge; it is one of the easiest wheel exercises to do when you are uncertain. Perform a high lunge then place your shin on the wheel. It helps to maintain the balance and to intensify the stretch. This is also a strength exercise for your thighs.

    Crow Pose with a yoga wheel

    6. Crow Pose

    Watch many tutorials to master the crow pose then try it on the yoga wheel. Grasp the edges with your fingers, but remember to turn your arms slightly. Raise your knee next to your arm and try to balance your weight then hoist both knees slowly.

    7. Boat Pose

    Attempt the boat pose while clenching the wheel in your palms. If you are a yoga wheel beginner, you might want to attempt this severally. Pass the ball next to your feet and drift down using your legs and upper body, so that your body is almost to the floor. Get up and pass the gear top your hands, then repeat.

    Fish Pose with a yoga wheel

    8. Fish Pose

    This is an excellent yoga wheel beginner exercise. It is a chest opener that stretches the upper body and shoulders. This is a convenient exercise because it can help you to maintain your poses. Sit on your rug and keep your chest upwards. Point out your toes and twist your hips, squeeze your laps together. Hold the yoga Wheel lightly and settle it on your spine. Inhale and as you breathe out incline backward and relax your spine over the wheel, then let go to allow the yoga wheel to move with your body.

    9. Half Pyramid Pose

    If you always feel like your tendons are tight, the half pyramid pose with the wheel helps you to stretch. Kneel with one knee, keep your upper body straight, put the gear under your front thigh. Lift the front leg and place the back of your shin on the wheel, then reel it forward. Relax your front leg and breathe out as you stretch your back, then incline forward and reach for the wheel. You can now start again.

    Handstand with a yoga wheel

    10. Handstand

    You can transform your mountain climbers by rolling in the wheel as you withdraw your knee. Start by slowly by elevating your hips over your shoulders and gently lifting your back foot from the wheel, and then returning to your starting pose.

    11. Revolved Side Angle

    It is a simple exercise start by bending your knee, then incline on your left leg, and bend leftwards. Bring the right elbow on your left knee and place your hands as you’re playing. Flex the other leg and lean with your toes. Touch the floor with your right hand, while the other points to the ceiling. Finish and start for the next rep.

    Common Questions about Yoga Wheel Exercises

    Attempting these exercises as a beginner can be challenging to master, but with practice, you can become an expert and even try out different poses.

    Does a Yoga Wheel Relieve Back Pain?

    The best thing about these exercises is that you can practice them even if you have back pains. When you pick the best yoga wheel of your choice, attempt any of the activities above. You can even incorporate your favorite Shakti yoga pose.

    Is the Yoga Wheel the Same as a Foam Roller?

    Is the Yoga Wheel the Same as a Foam Roller

    When attempting this exercise as a beginner, don’t confuse foam rollers for yoga wheels. The foam roller helps to massage and loosen deep muscles. A yoga wheel can do the same; however, it focuses on the core and spine. They help to strengthen and stretch your spine. If you hate aerobics, try yoga wheel to warm up and prepare for both intense and light workouts. It is also an excellent way to master advanced yoga poses.

    What is the Weight Limit of a Yoga Wheel?

    Most yoga wheels can hold up to 500 lbs. You can find some which are strong enough to withstand your body weight even when standing, while others are for lighter poses. Choose your wheel, depending on the type of exercise you have to do. If you want to perfect your balance, choose a stronger one.

    Can Yoga with Wheels Help with Medical Conditions?

    Can Yoga with Wheels Help with Medical Conditions

    Yoga with wheels helps with several conditions, such as stress. It helps you to relax through different techniques and relaxing muscles. If you are anxious, instead of taking medicine, you can try using a yoga wheel at home or during your break. This is also an excellent way to over depression. Yoga improves depression treatment.

    Did you know that yoga can minimize your risk of developing the cardiovascular disease? Since this exercise involves your mind and body, it helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels.

    How Many Times Should I Practice?

    Yoga exercises are convenient because you can do them at any time and even at home. If you are a beginner, you might not be aware of how many times you need it. If you are strength practicing, a quick practice will not help you. Remember to consult your doctor before attempting any poses. You can practice for a minimum of 3 days a week to allow your body to rest during the rest of the week. It is also advisable to take a week off if your body asks for it, you don’t have to force yourself. You can get back to the yoga wheel whenever you feel ready.


    We know that yoga is beneficial for the body and mind. It is not only a healthy lifestyle, but it helps you to calm down and alleviate anxiety. These exercises intensify the practice, help to strengthen your core and relax the muscles. You can also visit professionals such as for useful information.

    Any tips on how to use the dharma yoga wheel? Please leave a comment.

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