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  • Build The Body Of Your Dreams With Winstrol or Anavar

    05 Oct 2020
    Build The Body Of Your Dreams With Winstrol or Anavar

    The Winstrol vs Anavar debate has always baffled bodybuilders and this guide will put the confusion to rest. Whatever be your drive behind working out at the gym, you will know the differences between two steroid drugs Winstrol and Anavar. Read on to find out more about the two drugs.

    Disclaimer: This guide is only for information. Please do not follow this guide as a medical recommendation. Anabolic steroids are potentially injurious to health, and should only be taken upon being prescribed by a physician.

    If you are passionate about body-building and muscular development, then you must have heard about the anabolic steroids like Anavar and Winstrol. Usually, male athletes and body-builders take Winstrol to develop strength, build muscle mass, and recover more quickly from the physical stress of workouts.

    How Useful Is Winstrol?

    As a brand of stanozolol tablets, Winstrol is an anabolic androgenic and performance-enhancing steroid that acts as a synthetic derivative of the male hormone, testosterone. Which it is better than Anavar is yet to be decided based on their benefits. Check out the Winstrol uses enlisted below:

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    1. When taken in combination with a vigorous workout routine, Winstrol contributes to the development of muscle mass and strength.
    2. The intake of Winstrol prevents water retention.
    3. A regular dose of Winstrol helps in improving the generation of red blood cells in the body.
    4. Winstrol also helps in increasing the power, agility, and speed of the body.

    Winstrol Dosage

    Now that you have an idea about the Winstrol uses, it is time to probe deeper and check out the dosage of Winstrol for women and men.

    • Every tablet has 2mg of stanozolol. For beginners, the daily dose is 50mg administered for around 8-12 weeks.
    • At the intermediate level, the cycle ranges from 6-8 weeks for 75mg of Winstrol daily.
    • At the advanced stage of body-building, the Winstrol dosage is 100mg daily for a cycle of 6 weeks.

    Pros of Using Winstrol

    The advantages of taking Winstrol are listed below:

    Increase in muscle mass:

    Winstrol helps in the development of lean muscle mass. It also promotes positive nitrogen balance in the muscles instead of steroid alternatives.

    Helps in Fat loss:

    The regular dosage of Winstrol helps in the loss of excess body fat. It also increases the core body temperature and thereby boosts metabolism.

    Increases performance:

    Winstrol improves athletic performance by burning excess fat and speeding up the recovery process. It also increases muscle strength and produces more energy.

    Promotes vascularity:

    As Winstrol prevents bloating through water retention, it is excellent for cutting for the development of a lean and hard look.

    what is winstrol steroid

    Cons of Using Winstrol

    The negative impact of Winstrol is as follows:

    Numerous side effects:

    While choosing either Anavar or Winstrol, it is important to note the side effects. The side effects of Winstrol are headache, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, liver toxicity, acne breakouts, and cholesterol.

    Might not always be suitable for women:

    The side effects include irregularities in the menstrual cycle, hoarseness of voice, facial hair growth, and acne breakout.

    What is Anavar?

    The anabolic steroid, Anavar, is the steroid for women. The oral intake of Anavar promotes the loss of fat, induces muscle growth, quickens the recovery process from physical strain. It improves the development of protein blocks, and helps in the repair of damaged bones.

    Benefits of Using Anavar

    In the choice between Anavar vs. Winstrol, a decision-making factor is the different uses of Anavar, as given below:

    • Reduction in excess body fat and visceral fat.
    • Increase in the protein synthesis at the skeletal muscles.
    • Increase in the retention of nitrogen.
    • Development in muscular strength along with an increase in the level of physical endurance.

    Anavar Dosage

    The dosage of Anavar is 2.5mg-20mg to be administered to adults in 2-4 divided doses. The cycles vary between 2-4 weeks.

    Anavar Upsides

    Aids in losing body fat:

    Anavar raises the level of thyroxine, which boosts metabolism. It also helps in reducing visceral fat.

    Helps gain muscles:

    Although muscle gain is not too significant, it is palpable. The intake of Anavar by women is more beneficial for muscular development than for men.

    Builds strength:

    Anavar boosts strength by increasing the uptake of fluid and ATP in the muscle cells.

    what is anavar steroid

    Suits women:

    Anavar is highly suitable for women, and its side-effects on women are low as well. A dosage of less than 10mg daily for six weeks will have the desired effect on women.

    Anavar Downsides:

    Side effects of Anavar:

    The side effects in men include phallic enlargement with an increase in the frequency and duration of the erection. In women, the side effects manifest in the form of menstrual irregularity and clitoral enlargement.

    Not very powerful:

    Anavar is not as powerful as other anabolic steroids. Even though it helps in burning fat, it does not contribute much too muscular development.

    Winstrol vs Anavar: Main Similarities

    Both Anavar and Winstrol are anabolic steroids, and as such, the two drugs have quite a few characteristics in common. The similarities between Winstrol and Anavar are elucidated below:

    • The primary difference is based on composition. Both the steroids belong to the steroid group, Dihydrotestosterone.
    • They belong to the C17-aa class of steroids. The intake of both may have adverse effects on the liver.
    • The dosage of both the steroids should be maintained at a short cycle. The dosage cycle has to be followed by post-cycle therapy.

    Winstrol vs Anavar: The Differences

    Even though it is mostly about preferences, yet, there are a few differences between the two steroids. Check them out below:

    • Anavar is better for fat loss. Winstrol is more effective for muscular development and improvement in lean muscle mass.
    • The androgenic rating of Anavar is 24. It is lower than that of Winstrol.
    • The body can tolerate the impact of Anavar more efficiently. As such, the side effects of Anavar are less than those of Winstrol.

    Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

    Body-builders swear by Winstrol and Anavar for the development of physical strength, abs, and muscular mass. However, owing to the differences as pointed out under Anavar vs. Winstrol, the body-builder can choose only one of two based on his preferences. Is Anavar or Winstrol better?

    Which Is Better for Cutting?

    When it comes to cutting, both the steroid drugs are effective. Taking either promotes fat loss.

    Which is Better for Bulking?

    For both male and female body-builders, Winstrol is better for bulking up the body. Although Anavar is better for boosting strength, Winstrol is a better choice for muscular development.


    Which is Safer - Winstrol or Anavar?

    Winstrol is a dry anabolic steroid that has more side effects on the body than Anavar. Apart from the usual side effects, it also causes joint pain and muscle ache. In terms of safety, Anavar is safe for consumption.

    So, what do you think of the two? If safety is your prime concern, then, stick to Anavar. For a bulked-up and muscular torso, choose Winstrol. Follow the dosage cycle and keep the side effects in mind. Share your valuable feedback with us!

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