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    Here Are The Best 8 Treadmill Running Tips And Additional Guidelines to Improve Your Workout Program!

    29 Aug 2019
    Here Are The Best 8 Treadmill Running Tips And Additional Guidelines to Improve Your Workout Program!

    Did you know that treadmills are the most commonly used machines in our gyms? Yes, after all, these are versatile, convenient types of equipment and suit people of different fitness levels. Also, you get to run in a relaxed environment without harsh conditions like rain and scorching sun rays.

    Although many people know how to operate these machines, a higher number struggles to get perfect results from this type of workout. That’s why, here, we have collected some essential treadmill running tips for gym experts and beginners. However, before we ‘dive’ into them, let us start by answering a few pressing questions touching on these exciting machines.

    what is the treadmill good for

    What is Treadmill Good For?

    As a beginner, what does a treadmill do for you? Well, we have found that they work in a variety of ways and to fulfill different individual work out goals. Here are a couple of interesting examples:

    1. Provides One of the Best Indoor Exercises

    If you’re one of those people who love running outdoors, there are a lot of harsh environmental conditions that end up making your workout quite tricky. It could be cold weather, or rough, unpredictable terrain. Luckily, with a treadmill, you’re free to conduct your exercise in a stress-free, controlled, and calm environment.

    1. It's Perfect for Weight Loss

    Most exercises to do on a treadmill concentrate on reducing calories and excess body fat. Also, because of their continually moving belts as well as no win resistance, running here is pretty easy as compared to jogging outdoors. Most importantly, it helps beginners run for longer hours.

    1. Cross-Training

    A good number of people don’t run regularly. If you’re one of them, then consider getting the best budget treadmill under $500 to improve your workout routine. Note that even a one-hour session on these machines breaks the monotony in your training program.

    How Fast Can a Treadmill Go?

    Just like we’ve previously pointed out in this ‘treadmill running tips’ guide, these machines are a good method of losing weight. However, one of the questions on everyone’s mind is, “how fast do treadmills go?” To answer this, we need to highlight that there are different treadmills, and all of them have separate speeds. They include:

    What is the best speed to run on a treadmill
    1. Home treadmills – they have an impressive top speed of ten to 12 mph
    2. Commercial treadmills – these machines have a slightly higher top speed as compared to home treadmills with a speed of 14mph
    3. Curved treadmills – these fast-moving machines have a running speed of up to 24mph

    Which Is The Most Recommended Treadmill Running Speed?

    Now, while there are no specified speeds for treadmill running, we have found that how fast you go depends on your effort and level of fitness. If for some reason, running or jogging becomes too easy, you are free to take things a notch higher. However, avoid going beyond your speed limits as this will only cause burn out and exhaustion for even the shortest of runs.

    How Long Should You Run On a Treadmill?

    This is a question which a good number of those starting their treadmill workout routine want to know. So, first, understand why you’re running on these machines. It could be for health reasons, practicing for a race, and weight loss.

    This treadmill advice guide notes that if you are running for health benefits; take at least 75 minutes every week. Divide your sessions into 10-minute intervals with at least one running for 15 minutes. However, as you arrange your training program here, make sure it fits within your daily schedule.

    On the other hand, for consistent loss of weight, consider getting on a treadmill for about 20 minutes. Repeat this for at least three times every week to achieve satisfactory results. The main reason for such intense exercises is because burning one-pound of fat is something which often takes a lot of time.

    Lastly, if you’re practicing for a race or marathon, build your exercise program to exceed the amount of time needed to complete the course. For instance, if you’ll take 31 minutes to complete a race, try running for at least 40 minutes every week. Doing so will give you an easier time once you get to the track.

    How can I run longer on a treadmill

    Improving Your Endurance While on a Treadmill

    Do you get tired once you get on a treadmill? Looking for some running tips and tricks to help you run longer? While several helpful guidelines will help you do so, the critical thing is to remain motivated. Yes, you’ll get tired, but once you ignore ‘pain’ and push through it, you’ll end up running for even more than an hour.

    Our Recommended Treadmill Tips for Both Beginners and Gym Enthusiasts

    Now that we’ve carefully gone through all the crucial questions on the mind of most people, what now should you do to boost your exercise routines? Here, are our 8 helpful expert treadmill tips:

    Proper Preparation

    This is one of the essential treadmill exercise tips. Know the type of routine you want to follow before you decide to use these machines to avoid confusion once the workout starts getting intense. Also, bring all essential supplies, for example, getting the best running shoes for treadmill exercises.

    Remember to Warm Up

    This is quite important, especially if you don’t know how to run on a treadmill. While jumping on the machine is quite tempting, doing so will only bring unwarranted injuries. So, before starting, first, take a five-minute jog on it to increase your body temperature as well as heart rate.

    Understand the Functions of the Treadmill!

    To positively transform your exercise program, ensure that you understand the machine’s various functions. You could ask your trainer to guide you through its uses before ‘jumping’ on it because not all of them are as straightforward as they seem.

    Below are just some of their different functions.

    • A monitor for observing your heart rate- here is something you will enjoy if you buy the best treadmill under 1000. It will help you to measure the intensity of the exercise
    • A calculator for burning calories- however, these measurements are not always accurate because they don’t put into consideration things like your weight and age.
    • Before set workouts to assist you in measuring your runs
    • A display of speed that shows your current speed.

    Mix Things Up

    Here is another crucial factor in our treadmill tips for beginners and gym experts. While running is maybe the most popular treadmill workout routines, there’s still a lot that you can do while on these machines. These include:

    • Backward jogs
    • Push-ups
    • Lunges
    • Sideways shuffles
    • Dumbbell raises

    Don't Hold on to the Handrails

    This is another helpful tip for those who don’t know how to start running on a treadmill. Beginners often make a mistake of holding on to the top part of the machine or on the side rails as they run. So, for your training exercises to be efficient, your arms should be free as you jog or run to mimic your natural road running form.

    Stop Leaning Forward

    Maintain an upright posture every time you’re on a treadmill. Stop leaning forward as the machine will almost certainly pull your body back. Instead, stretch your legs away from the treadmill’s belt before they are ‘driven’ away. It prevents those nagging back as well as neck pains, not to mention the constant loss of balance.

    Avoid looking Down!

    It is one of the most straightforward treadmill workout tips, but sadly, it’s something which most people ignore. When you look at your feet as you run, you are merely going against your natural running form. It’s another terrible behavior that causes back as well as neck pain.

    So, even though you have the best running shoes for treadmill exercises, for additional safety always keep an upright posture. Ensure that your feet strike the base of a treadmill, just like how they behave when jogging or running outdoors.

    Keep Yourself Hydrated At All Times!

    The last all-important point on this treadmill tips guide is ensuring that you drink plenty of water every time you get on this machine. Why? Well, shockingly, we lose a lot of fluids here as compared to when we’re running or jogging outside. Therefore, ensure that you carry a water bottle, keep it full, close to you, and remember to drink around six ounces for maybe 10-20 minutes during your workout.


    Above are all our essential treadmill running tips to transform your exercise program. They will ensure you lose weight, keep you fit for an important race, and most importantly, ensure that you are healthy at all times. They are particularly useful for those who may still be asking themselves, “What is a treadmill good for?”

    So, using these guidelines, can you now improve the quality of your treadmill workout program? What are the challenges you’ve come across? Visit us at and leave your expert comments!

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