Lasertag Armogear

    13 Apr 2020

    Here is my opinion on the Lasertag Armogear. Today, I talk about lasertag toys, and I need to mention that I bought the laser tag kit from Armogear (Nesttoy). This is a weapon, and they all have different colors in this range. It also boasts a thing called live energy (will get back to this later). There are 4 weapons, and also there are the “shields” in the middle where you can find the colors as well. It has buttons that you can use to turn the item on. The one I have is blue.


    What does this mean? It means that in a game, I am in the “blue” team and there is a button that you can change the team. If I push the button, it becomes red, orange, green, or blue again. Then, you can turn it off, too. There is also another button that lets you change the weapon.


    There are 4 different weapons. The first is a pistol, after that comes a shotgun, and then a machine-gun. Next is the rocket-launcher and… then you can shoot but only after you reload the weapon. Very important – after every weapon change you have to reload, and it makes a unique sound… different for the rocket, pistol, shotgun, or the machine-gun. There is another feature I need to mention, you just have to turn the item on again. You have to push a button for 3 seconds (check manual) then you are invisible for 15 seconds when you play this in the dusk, and the lights are on, and when you then turn in invisible-mode, you see nothing. I think this is going to be cool and… after 15 seconds it becomes visible again. You can see the live energy on the weapon, too.

    Weapons kit for Lasertag

    You can turn on a flashlight on the weapon on the other side of the gun. Then you can shoot another, and it loses the live energy. Now, I’ll explain how long the weapons take for a shot or how much damage they give. When the pistol is activated, it offers 1 point of damage and has 12 shots. The shotgun has 5 shots and gives 2 points in damage. The machine-gun has 9 shots and gives 2 points in damage, too. The rocket-launcher has one shot and gives 3 points in damage, so the whole section (of the live-energy).

    Now, I will explain the armor vest. You can turn it on quickly with a button. For instance, the light is red, and the weapon is blue, so they don’t match. To change the team on your weapon or vest, you just push the team-button. Depending on the color you choose, that means you are in that particular team. The vest has a total of 9 “lives.” When you hit the vest, one section is flashing. Each section is one of the 9 “lives.” When you shoot the vest it will flash, and when the section turns off it means there are no more lives (in that particular section. It works the same for every section. Be careful, no lives means game over, and you are retired from the competition.


    Do you know what’s cool? The vest AND the weapon vibrate when you shoot and when you get hit. In order to put on the vest, you have to pull the “belt” over your head as it’s fixed in the vest. Then take it out, wrap it behind your back, and re-fix it. Make sure to check if it’s fixed otherwise it can slip out and you have to re-fix it and the enemy might gain some advantage.

    blue vest for lasertag

    The kit contains four vests and four weapons. Every vest and every weapon needs three AAA Batteries to play with. For all weapons and vests, you need 24 AAA batteries and the batteries last about 2-3 hours. To change/insert the batteries you need to open the battery compartment, and then you need a cross screwdriver. When you insert the batteries pay attention to insert that they are in the correct direction.

    For the invisible mode, you have to push a specific button for three seconds. Note that you see the flashlight all the time and you can see the live energy on the vest very well. The same goes for the live-energy on the weapon. Armogear is so cool! I really recommend buying it as you can have a ton of fun with your friends, and the way to use the gear is straightforward.

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