• What are SARMs? Are They Safer Than Steroids? Let’s Find Out!

    20 Jan 2021
    What are SARMs? Are They Safer Than Steroids? Let’s Find Out!

    People have different reasons why they go to the gym. Some want to lose weight, others build muscles and become stronger. Whatever’s the reason, many of us go to the gym expecting visible, fast results. But sometimes after months of hard work you may realize that there’s little to none progress.

    In that case, some people may use steroids to improve their athletic performance and get better results. But, as we know, steroids can be harmful on a lot of levels. So the question is – is there something safer, but just as efficient? Have you heard about SARMs? This is a relatively new type of drug, used to build muscle. SARMS became exceptionally popular in the powerlifting and bodybuilding community, so if you’ve been investigating how to build muscles, you’ve probably heard of them.

    Today, we’re going to provide you with detailed information on what they are, how to take SARMs, and what is adequate SARMs dosage.

    What are SARMs?

    What are SARMs

    SARMS, or Selective androgen receptive modulators, are a new type of androgen molecules.They’re created with the idea to have the same features as anabolic drugs but with less androgenic properties. SARMs also bind with androgen receptors, such as testosterone. This leads to increased strength and muscle growth.

    Initially, scientists developed SARMS to treat prostate cancer, but they proved to have other benefits as well. Aside from increasing the muscle mass, they also help prevent muscle waste, which could be the result of aging or certain illnesses. Unlike steroids that impact different parts of the body, which can lead to various side effects, SARMs are tissue-selective. It, also, seems that they can reduce the potential damage of the liver. However, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t approve any of them for human consumption.

    What is the SARMs Cycle?

    It is critical to know that you should use SARMs only when you don’t have any medical conditions. SARMs are taken in cycles that usually last two or three months. During the SARMs cycle, the usual dosage varies from 5 to 15 milligrams per day. But, every product is different, so you should carefully read the instructions to know how to cycle SARMs.

    Besides, the SARMs cycle length also depends on the specific compound you’re taking. On average, the cycle should be eight weeks long, but same bodybuilders shorten it to 4 or extend it to 12 weeks.

    Popular SARMs: Cycles and Dosages

    Ostarine (MK-2866)

    Ostarine is one of the mild SARMs and thus is excellent for beginners. It is easy to purchase, and it comes at a very affordable price.

    It also enables you to build muscles, even if you’re on a strict diet.

    Common dosage 10-25 mg per day
    Half-life 24 hours, you can take a full dosage at once
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT PCT isn’t required for 4 -8 cycles; if you are upping the dosage, or extending the cycle, then it is required

    Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

    This SARM is mainly known as efficient for losing weight and building muscles. It is useful for people who are trying to prevent muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, as well as other musculoskeletal problems.

    The dosage of the drug, proven by medical professionals is:

    Common dosage 4-10 mg per day
    Half-life 30 hours, you can take it once per day
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT Yes

    Testolone (RAD-140)

    It’s a new SARM, and it shows to be pretty potent. It’s a strong anabolic, so it has to be taken in small doses. This drug is effective in muscle and bone growth.

    Common dosage 10-20 mg per day
    Half-life 16-20h, it can be taken once during the day
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT Yes

    Ibutamoren (MK-677)

    MK-677 is not actually SARM, but you can often find it in the same group. It is an agonist of a growth hormone, and it increases your appetite.Studies show that it increases the secretion of growth hormone and insulin like growth factor -1. It also increases lean body mass.

    Common dosage 10-25 mg
    Half-life 24 h, it is okay to take it once a day
    Cycle length Minimum of four monthss
    PCT No

    Cardarine (GW-501516)

    Cardarine is another product that is not SARM but is included in this list. It is a PPAR delta modulator, and it stimulates protein receptors that contribute to the building of muscles.It is efficient for burning fat. Besides that it increases the levels of good HDL cholesterol and decreases the levels of LDL cholesterol.

    Common dosage 7 mg-20 mg per day
    Half-life 16-24 h, once a day
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT No

    Andarine (S-4)

    Andarine is very effective in terms of burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass. It is popular among bodybuilders because it increases vascularity.

    Common dosage 25-75 mg per day
    Half-life 3-4 h, 3 times per day
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT Yes


    It is one of the most potent SARMs on the maret. Many people opt for with because it is as effective as steroids but without unwanted side effects. It is famous for developing dense muscle tissue.

    Common dosage 10-20 mg
    Half-life 6 hours, twice per day
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT Yes


    Although new, this SARM is rapidly gaining popularity. It is very effective in terms of strength gain. It increases libido for women.

    Common dosage 10-20 mg
    Half-life 1 h, twice a day
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT Yes


    It is a synthetic steroid, not a SARM. YK-11 drew the attention of bodybuilders because of the capacity to build muscle mass, with only mild side effects.

    Common dosage 5-15 mg per day
    Half-life 4-6 h, twice a day
    Cycle length 8-12 weeks
    PCT Yes

    SARMs Stacks: Cycles and Dosages

    SARMs Stacks: Cycles and Dosages

    As we mentioned, SARMs are used for various reasons – losing weight, building muscles, etc. A lot of people are wondering if it is possible to take more than one SARM and what happens in this case. You have to be careful about these things and start with the lowest dosages.

    Bulking SARMs Cycle

    If you’re wondering about SARMs bulking cycle, we suggest the best option to combine Ostarine and Ligandrol. The recommendation is to take 10 mg of each for a SARMs cycle of 6 weeks and then take a six-week long break. If you notice the results, you can increase the cycle for 8 – 10 weeks.

    Cutting the SARMs Cycle

    For losing fat, you can make the following SARMs stack versions:

    • 10 mg Ostarine + 10 mg Cardarine during the first 3 weeks of 10 –week cycle. Between the fourth and tenth week double the dose for both.
    • 20mg Ostarine + 10mg Cardarine for 10 weeks.
    • 20mg Ostarine + 5mg Ligandrol for 8 weeks.
    • 5 mg Ligandrol + 5 mg Andarine for 8 weeks.
    • 5mg Ligadrol + 10 Cardarine for 8 weeks.

    Strength SARMs Cycle

    Strength SARMs Cycle

    If you want the best SARMs cycle results in terms of lifting capacity and strength, these are the combinations you should make.

    • 10 -15 mg Ligandrol + YK -11 during 6 -8 weeks + PCT supplement at the end.
    • 10 mg Testolone RAD+ 10mg S23 for 8-10 weeks, and PCT supplement at the end.
    • 10mg YK -11 + 10mg Ligandrol during an 8-10 week cycle, plus PCT supplement.

    Bottom Line

    The process of bodybuilding takes a lot of time and effort, any professional bodybuilder will tell you that. Of course, doing the SARMs will speed up the process, and are a better option than steroids. But still, it’s always better to consult with your doctor before you decide to go to SARM’s cycle. This will help you avoid possible side effects and only reap the benefits!

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