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  • What to Choose Between a Rower and a Treadmill?

    06 Jul 2020
    What to Choose Between a Rower and a Treadmill?

    You sure understand the benefits of a good workout session, but you still are torn between the most appropriate equipment for the best pre-workout for cardio. Perhaps you just want to build those muscles including the leg muscles or it’s a protruding tummy that’s menacing you forcing you to constantly shop for s tummy shapewear just to cover it up! Well, it’s about time you started feeling comfortable in your skin. Don’t worry dear, we understand tight budgets. That’s why we have this research prepared for you especially if you are considering purchasing a rower or treadmill.

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    We should warn you in advance, we’re not particularly biased towards one machine over another. When rowing machine vs treadmill is put into consideration, both are just as good and each will come with its special benefits. It’s your purpose that counts. What would you like to achieve at the end of the day? If you realize both machines will aid you in achieving your objectives, you have deep pockets and sufficient space for both – knock yourself out! You’ll have done yourself a great favor. But if you are in the place where most people are, and you have to decide between a rower vs treadmill, then this article is specifically made for you.

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    For the longest time, people neglected the powerful effects and benefits of rowing machine vs treadmill. This simple piece was only found in a few gym studios as the majority of visitors opted for the tread to shred unnecessary weight. But this was just due to a lack of understanding and mass education. With time, this special machine is now almost overtaking the treadmill as the first pick for most athletes and workout specialists.

    treadmill vs rowing machine for cardio

    No! This isn’t a boat-like structure but it sure comes with the muscular advantage of rowing a boat. Just don’t place it inside the water to get that sea-side sensation. Moreover, it comes in a variety of fashions all of which offer different variations of layouts and thus different advantages as well as disadvantages. Nonetheless, this great machine ensures that you don’t just merely burn calories but you also get to improve your general health! How is this even possible? Well, read on to find out the amazing benefits of rowing machine you’ve been missing out on. Be sure to confirm with your trainer or a specialist if you’d like to then get the best rowing machine.

    Rowing Machine Benefits

    The battle between the rowing machine vs treadmill is a closely contested one and understandably so. But since many understood the benefits of walking and running, prior marketing and advertising did not see it worth it to advertise the advantages of rowing machines. In a swift change of strategy, however, even health specialists are recommending a good rowing machine during such a pandemic as the COVID-19.

    It allows you a full-body workout session. Few training machines can work on your quadriceps, hamstrings, chest, biceps, lower abdomen, forearms, and your core all at once. Moreover, it shifts your body weight from your legs and ankles as you get to sit down during the session. This means less impact and lesser chances of injuries as opposed to many training machines. Do you know what this means? You can have a home gym made of just a single rowing machine and get to stay in stunning shape!

    The rower also offers greater resistance variation. They can be as tough as you want them to be thus ensuring all those muscles get to pop. Furthermore, this pick will allow you to go for a long distant row and shift to a spring HIIT workout. If in a case of a spinal cord injury and you are considering rowing vs treadmill, this pick is your best option to regain your strength.

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    Both your glutes and tummy are targeted in one sweep when rowing. Further still, it gets to improve your posture. Most women find themselves weaker in the upper bodies and rowing ensures you create some sort of balance while working on your heart and lungs.

    The rowing machine can also be your personal trainer to push you forward. One, it does not give you the chance to slack off since the moment you stop rowing, the machine comes to a sudden stop and you thus have to start all over again. Moreover, it also gives you realtime stats that enable you to keep track of your activities thus you get to go further each time with new goals. The more you work, the better your rowing skills will become for effective and quicker results. In the end, you should have developed a perfect balance to bodyweight workouts and better mental health! What more could you ask for? So, are rowing machines good for you?

    What is a Treadmill?

    Run baby, run!

    Did you know that taking a daily walk is much better for your general health than a year in the gym? In the case of the row machine vs treadmill, the last one allows you to put a larger focus on your legs. What’s more, it is considered as a better cardio workout and we’ll tell you just why. Nonetheless, it offers a different set of advantages altogether from its competitor discussed above. Therefore, depending on what you’ll use it for and your goals, you will decide between a treadmill vs rowing machine for cardio. No need to worry about the rain outside, the scorching sun, or even the piercing winter cold during your morning runs. This all-weather indoor specialty allows you to customize your slope and speed to easily achieve your desire. Just close your eyes and picture an uphill run or an easy downhill spring!

    Treadmill Benefits for Body

    Whether you’re an athlete or an office-bee, keeping shape and maintaining general body health is of top importance. Some rowers may be pricier than the treadmill but if you search properly, you will be sure to find the best treadmill under 1000. So, what is the rowing machine vs treadmill comparisons and differences in terms of benefits?

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    Your blood circulation generally gets better thus lowering blood pressure by giving the heart more strength. This, in turn, leads to low-density lipoprotein and better cholesterol levels. This is because treadmill runs are known to improve cardio activity and general heart health. However, treadmill tests may give fluctuating test results. Make sure to back up these tests using cardiac catheterization, echo stress tests, and even nuclear stress tests which make use of a radioactive solution for better test results. This is optional, however.

    It’s also a quick way to lose weight and stay in great shape. A 20-60 minute run 5 days a week will get you in high spirits and improve not only our physical but also mental health. As if that’s not enough, those with type 2 diabetes use the tread to control insulin levels.

    Furthermore, other than burning calories faster, you can custom design and preset your workout sessions to your preferred warm-up period, speed, incline, the energy-spend, and cool-down period. This has the ultimate effect of setting and tracking goals and even aiming for higher.

    That notwithstanding, the treadmill can still cause impact even with a cushioned surface. This has the effect of placing too much stress on the hip, back, knee, or joints and thus one is advised to test the surface before making a purchase. You may also get bored with only walking and running but you can always do something else during your runs – catch up with the latest news, listen to a podcast, and the likes.

    Rowing Machine Workout vs Treadmill

    are rowing machines good

    There’s a held misconception that outdoor running is better than indoor rowing vs running. Sure you get to enjoy the outside cool breeze, the sensational music of chirping birds and nature at its finest especially if you choose your running spots well. Or you get to enjoy all the maddening noise of city life. Either way, getting a rowing machine or treadmill for cardio is your best alternative since you get to have structured workout programs and also track your progress. We won’t necessarily tell you which is better over the other, but we know that by now you have made your decision.


    It’s now not that hard of a decision to make between a rowing machine vs treadmill, is it? For professional marathon training, it is advised to follow a professional workout program suited for your body type and event you are training for. For newbies, it is best to seek medical help first before embarking on any workout and extra tips from professionals such as Either way, you should be more enlightened after reading this article.

    What’s your preferred pick between a rower and a treadmill and why? Share your thoughts with us!

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