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    01 Sep 2019

    Ask any fitness expert, and youโ€™ll undoubtedly hear praises for this wonderful exercise equipment. This is one of the essentials that you might find in most gyms. It is easy to use and also affordable equipment to buy for home gym. If thatโ€™s not enough to intrigue you hear us out- this equipment can be used effectively in your weight loss routine! You can end weight loss struggles by incorporating a rowing machine program in your fitness regime. Would you like to hear about all the rowing machine benefits?


    Before we answer the question, โ€˜how good are rowing machines?,โ€™ know that it is easy to find the best rowing machine under 500 dollars. Yes, you heard that right! That is how affordable these machines are. Given all rowing workout benefits, these can be deemed as incredible one-time investments to lose weight and to build your endurance.

    Here are all rowing machine benefits for men and women.

    Excellent Calorie Burner


    Burning calories is an important part of any weight loss program. One of the major benefits of using a rower is that you would be able to burn many calories. Effective calories burnt are calculated based on body weight, the stroke count, and other factors. You can use online calorie calculators for rowers to understand the exact amount of calories that you burn during your workout. To intensify the effectiveness and to burn more calories, you will have to increase a stroke rate. However, it can tire you out quickly. Therefore, most fitness experts recommend alternating between short intervals of power strokes and lower stroke rates. Your posture on the equipment also influences workout. To maximize rowing machine exercise benefits sit tall and firmly drive your heel for each pull.


    Low Impact Workout

    A lot of people who have joint pains might be missing out on plenty of gyms workout routines. For all those who are looking for mild exercises that do not strain injured joints and for those with joint pains, rowing machine workout benefits are significant. It can be a good choice for those with limited mobility and can also be a boon for those who are overweight. As a leg lifts a little pressure off your back while using a rower, the overall strain can be minimized by complementing with a lower stroke rate. Therefore, this equipment makes it possible to pump up your heart rate and give you the essence of a HIIT without straining your joints. If you have prior injuries or weak joints, then reducing the resistance of your workout can help to low the chances of injuring your joints. Therefore, low possibilities of pain as well. You can tailor workouts based on your joint health.

    Effective Aerobic Exercise


    A gym rowing machine can help you to improve the efficiency of your cardio or aerobic workouts. Aerobic exercises are integral parts of all kinds of workout routines, including strength training and weight loss programs. Aerobic exercises performed on a rower are known to improve the responsiveness of a body. Therefore, when you do them at the beginning, it can help improve the effectiveness of any workout. It boosts the supply of oxygen to muscles, which then helps to improve energy levels throughout a day. It also helps to build stamina and plays a vital role in enhancing your immunity levels when you practice using the rower regularly.


    Full body workout

    Almost all workout equipment in a gym targets different parts of a body. One of the best-known rowing exercise benefits is that it can work out the whole body. It prevents muscle soreness localized to the area that you work out. So, it is a wonderful choice for those who are looking for exercises to get ripped. Your shoulders and upper back can feel the pull while you work out on this equipment, and it depends on the tightness of your hold and your back posture. Your leg muscles, quads, are also exercised with each movement. Your hamstrings and chest are other regions where you might feel the effects of rowing workout benefits. Besides strengthening the whole body, it can also help to improve your core strength. All of this happens at each rep of rowing forward and backward.

    Low Risk Of Injuries


    People feel threatened to perform most of the resistance exercises mainly because they are afraid of injuries. When you carry out resistance exercises like leg press or bench press, you would be exercising only your legs or upper body during each workout. Therefore, the whole weight goes to muscles in one portion, causing targeted muscle strain, which also increases chances of muscle pulls and muscle tears. If you need similar results, but with a reduced risk of injury, then a rower is one of the most convenient options. This is something that can offer resistance tuned to your body weight; therefore, these are gentle on your joints and back. It can help condition muscles and recover after an injury. As long as you maintain a straight back posture, you are less likely to encounter injuries on this equipment.


    Benefits Your Heart and Lungs

    This type of workouts focuses on the lungs and heart. Your rate of breathing and your heart rate elevates when you carry out a rower based exercises. Therefore, it can boost blood circulation and help improve heart health. By opening up chest muscles and increasing airflow to your lungs, it can also help enhance lung health and regulate your breathing. The more you sweat and the higher you get your heart pumping, the better would it be for your heart and lungs, as it is aerobic exercises in general.


    Lower Back Strength and Support

    Those who always complain of lower back pain find this equipment to be a wonderful cure for such troubles. If your work demands long hours of sitting in one place, then you are likely to suffer from lower backaches. It can be eased due to rowers. A role played by this equipment in core strengthening is one of the main factors that lead to the strengthening of your lower back. Remember, however, that the same rower that is known for help in supporting your back can also lead to backaches, especially for beginners. Fine-tuning techniques is a great way to tackle this. Keep your spine erect when you sit on a machine. Before you start the drive, your legs must be bent, and shoulders relaxed. Avoid slouching on a seat, which can lead to strain from the bodyweight exerted on your lower back. Being moving your legs and then slowly move your arms so that you do not curve your back. When you ensure it, you can attain a nice stretch of your core and thus relax your sore lower back muscles.


    Perfect for home use

    Not everyone is blessed with a large gym space at home. In a limited space available if you need something that doesnโ€™t take up much of the floor space and yet helps you work out the entire body. Then a rower can be a compact and convenient choice. Bad weather days do not have to stop you from working out any longer. This equipment is easy to learn, and there are plenty of workouts that you can perform on this single machine. It makes it an affordable, excellent value addition to your home gym. Depending on the purpose for which you purchase this equipment, you can also quickly find online tutorials on suitable exercises to perform. It will help you to answer the first fundamental question โ€˜What is a rowing machine good for?โ€™ and โ€˜What was your hard-earned money spent on?โ€™.

    Besides these commonly available choices, recent additions in the market are water rowers. Water rowing machine benefits are very much similar to those of the conventional designs.


    As long as you learn all basic workouts that are possible on a rower and set the right stroke levels, you are good to go. It will give you visible results in weight loss and help to build your endurance in the long run. On all those days, when you cannot carry on with your strength training exercises, you can quickly keep up muscle tone and flexibility by using your rower for a short duration. Visit for more ideas on improving the efficiency of your workouts.

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