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    Ten best rear deltoid drills you can do to get a beautiful figure

    10 Sep 2019
    Ten best rear deltoid drills you can do to get a beautiful figure

    Wide, massive brachii muscles are one of the essential elements of a beautiful male figure, therefore you should pay your attention not only to your bis and tris during your drill, but also to the deltoid muscles of your shoulder. Choose the best rear delt workout for you and initiate to build rear delts.

    Women should not forget about them also because these rear delt exercises make women’s figures harmonious, prevent stoop. What rear delt exercises allow to obtain a maximal effect, how to perform them correctly? We have prepared 10 best rear delt exercises which will help you to stay strong, healthy, build muscle mass and be in good shape.

    1. Bent-Over Raises for Training Rotator Cuff. Sitting position

    Performing a seated bent-over rotator cuff raise, you will be able to obtain the following advantages:

    Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
    • isolated training of your rear delts;
    • shape improvement and muscle definition;
    • strengthening of your shoulder joints (reducing the risk of traumas).

    Instruction for performing

    A seated bent-over rear delt raise refers to the best rear delt exercises of medium difficulty level. Here’s a step-by-step instruction of how to do this one of the best rear delt exercises with dumbbells.

    • Use a bench to do this drill, your feet must be together, grab some dumb-bells in your hands. Bend your arms at the crural muscles. Your spine must be straight when you tilting it towards your lap. This exercise will be done in this position.
    • Take a deep breath and when you breathe out, extend your hands with your dumb-bells to the sides. Your corpus must be in a halt position. Hold this position within two seconds, making a contraction, then slowly return your arms to a starting position.
    • Make an appropriate number of repetitions
    Variation: You can also perform rear delt raise exercise standing if you don’t have problems with your lumbar spine.

    2. Dumbbell Bent-Over. Reverse Flies

    This rear delt fly exercise is suitable for those who intend to have a correct posture. It strengthens your spinal muscles and shoulders improving any form of athletic performance.

    Instruction for performing

    Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Fly
    • Stand straight with your feet 12 inches apart and holding a dumbbell in each hand at your side.
    • Bend your corpus in such a way to make it be parallel with your floor and bring some weights in front of you to about lap level.
    • Spread your arms up and out to a level of your shoulders and compress your shoulders. Do this drill slowly. Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds, then slowly return to your initial position.
    • Make an appropriate number of repetitions.

    3. Bent-Over Dumb-bell Posterior Deltoid Raises. Sitting Position. Single Arm

    Single Arm Seated Bent Over dumbbell rear delt raise

    Are you feeling that one arm is weaker while doing standing or seated bent over rear delt raise? Then include more repetitions into your rear delt workout for an arm which is being weaker. Do this drill until your weak arm catches up.

    Instruction for performing

    This exercise is among good rear delt exercises. You do it the same way as standing or seated bent-over dumbbell rear delt raise but using only one arm. Perform this exercise if you want to get a perfect rear delt muscle.

    4. Reverse Dumb-bell Flies. Incline Bench Usage

    This exercise will help to balance and tone up rear deltoid within a brachial complex. The only equipment that you require for this rear delt shoulder workout is the following: dumb-bells and incline bench.

    Instruction for performing

    Incline Reverse Dumbbell Fly
    • Lie faced down on an incline bench with a dumb-bell in each hand.
    • On an exhale, raise your dumb-bells to the sides, squeeze your shoulder blades, keeping your arms parallel to the floor.
    • Inhaling, slowly lower your dumb-bells back to the starting position.
    • Make an appropriate number of repetitions

    5. Posterior Deltoid Dumb-bell Rows. Incline Bench Usage

    In terms of rear delt anatomy, rear delt row is an immaculate exercise for a middle and lower back. Lying rear delt raise will also be beneficial for biceps and forearms. To do it, you will require a pair of dumb-bells and an inclined bench. You inclined bench must be set at an angle of forty-five degrees.

    Incline Rear Delt Dumbbell Row

    Instruction for performing

    • Lying on an inclined bench, take a dumb-bell in each hand.
    • Extend your arms and your cubits must be bent to drag your dumb-bells up to your sides.
    • Stay in this position for a couple of seconds.
    • Slowly get back to the starting position.
    • Make an appropriate number of repetitions

    6. Barbell Face Pull

    Next exercise is superb for those who like to pump iron by using a bar. To train your posterior deltoids, apply a wide grip. Your elbows must be wide for rear delt lifts.

    Barbell Face Pull

    Instruction for performing

    • Inhale, as you exhale, using your brachii muscles and raising your cubits up and to the side, drag a barbell up to face level.
    • Once almost reach your face, stay for 1-2 seconds at the top.
    • Put your bar slowly down into the initial position. Inhale as you perform this phase of the movement.
    • Repeat a specified number of times.

    7. Reverse Flies. Cable Usage. Standing Position

    A standing cable reverse fly is used to strengthen your rear deltoids. These muscles must be trained if you intend to obtain a proper posture. Include standing rear delt cable raise in your shoulder, spine and full-body workouts.

    Instruction for performing

    • Apply 2 cables which must be at chest level.
    • Take the cable’s handles and drag them aside without squeezing your shoulder blades too much.
    • Slowly put the handles down back to the initial position.
    • Make an appropriate number of repetitions.
    cable rear delt fly

    8. Cable Rear Delt Fly

    8.Posterior Deltoid Flies. Cable Usage

    This drill will make your brachii muscles work. You will require a cable to do this effective exercise. You must definitely include this exercise into your rear delt training. To gain more effective results, purchase a rear delt machine. There’s a wide assortment of them on the market to every taste and budget. The most acceptable option is a rowing machine under $500. Choose the best rowing machine under 500 and impress your friends with your sport achievements.

    Instruction for performing

    • Grab your left cable with your right hand and your right one with your left hand, crossing them. This is your initial position.
    • Start moving your hands backwards and forwards. Your arms must be straight.
    • Make a pause at the end before returning your handles into the starting position.

    9. Rope Face Pulls. Standing Position

    This exercise is aimed to involve in work not only your scapular retractor muscles but also a rotary element of your shoulder, dominated mainly by the posterior deltoid. To do pull ups work rear delts is difficult if your pulley set is too high.

    Standing Rope Face Pull

    Instruction for performing

    • Grab the handles of the rope and slowly extend your hands to the side. Your cubits must be lifted and your arms must be at an angle of ninety degrees.
    • Make rear delt rope pull toward your face.
    • Make an appropriate number of repetitions.

    10. Expander Face Pulls

    Expander face pull is an expander exercise aimed at brachii muscles workout. It is also suitable for exercising your biceps, lateral muscles, middle back and trapezius muscles. You will need only an expander to do this exercise.

    Resistance Band Face Pull

    Instruction for performing

    • Fix your expander at lower chest level.
    • Grasp the grips on your expander or your expander itself if there are no grips.
    • Initiate doing this exercise by dragging the expander to your ears, keep your palms facing down.
    • Stay in this pose for a couple of seconds.
    • Make an appropriate number of repetitions

    Useful recommendations to obtain the most out of the posterior deltoid training

    To obtain a maximal effect from your gym drill, you should follow these rules:

    Tips to get the most out of rear delt training
    • visit a fitness room at least two days a week;
    • limbering up is mandatory, for limbering up you can use the exercises of the basic program without weights or with minimal weights;
    • follow a correct technique of performance;
    • working with weight is more efficient than working on simulators;
    • choose the right weight;
    • always start with a rear deltoid muscle training.

    Some sportsmen believe that the posterior deltoid must be worked out after the main spine and chest workout session. For some tasks, this approach can be effective. However, in most cases, it is the well-developed delts that help to do corpus drills most efficiently. If you intend to acquire a device for full corpus training and in affordable price, best rowing machine under 500 is your right choice.

    What rear delt exercises are the best for you? What results have you already archived? Share your experience. Visit if you want to find more interesting information about sport, nutrition and a healthy way of life.

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