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  • Find the Best Way to Substitute Your Pre Workout

    09 Sep 2020
    Find the Best Way to Substitute Your Pre Workout

    You are never in a shortage of options to enhance your productivity during your work out session. On the top of the list are pre workout alternatives. There are plenty of products used as pre-workout substitute to improve your gym sessionsโ€™ intensity, and reviews show that they deliver results.

    Regardless of the kind of workouts you are engaged in, keep an eye on your pre workout ingredients. They, ingredients, will make or break your success. Keep reading and know more about pre working out substitutes and a lot more for your training regime.

    Pre Workout: What is it?

    Pre Workout: What is it

    Pre workout is a combination of elements that help boost energy levels during training. Basically, the elements do not contain hormones and steroids- they are natural. While some of these enhancers contain carbs, most of them are usually calorie-free.

    Constituents of Pre WorkOut

    There are numerous pre workout formulas you will come across while shopping for one to meet your needs. Some target multi-joint exercises while others are specific to where you want improvements. These include;


    Caffeine contains chlorogenic acid, which decreases blood pressure and reduces body fat. It finds its way easily into the bloodstream and should be taken one hour before your session.


    This supplement enhances energy production in the muscles. This, in turn, boosts fatigue resistance for endurance training.

    Matcha Tea

    Matcha tea is a natural pre workout drink that not only boosts energy levels but also ensures that you are not left in a โ€œlowโ€ state after working out.

    Protein Alternatives for Pre Workout

    Protein Alternatives for Pre Workout

    If you donโ€™t want to include proteins in your DIY pre workout, you can use some natural pre workout without beta alanine as an alternative. Below are some of the alternatives you could use;

    Green Tea or Coffee

    Coffee is a natural pre workout drink that will give you all the energy you need for productive light workouts. As a functional food, it packs loads of other benefits to your workout routines and overall performance. On the other hand, green tea will be an excellent substitute for coffee if your body experiences crashing problems once the coffee boost is gone.

    Beetroot Juice

    Besides boosting muscle blood flow, drinking beetroot is one of the best pre-workouts without creatine that helps prevent oxidative stress that may slow you down while training. Moreover, beetroot also contains plenty of fiber and nutrients for an energy boost. You can also take beetroot in the form of powder or juice.

    Add Dried Fruit, Oatmeal and Trail Mix to your Diet

    If you are all about a fruity alternative before your gym session, dried fruits or oatmeal and trail mix will not disappoint. Dried fruit is easily digestible and also incredibly rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Moreover, oats provide constant energy throughout your training as a result of their high fiber content.

    Furthermore, the trail mix contains abundant proteins and calories to provide you with enough energy before your exercises. However, to avoid pre workout side effects, go slow on trail mix consumption because it has a very high-fat content.


    A simple smoothie is also another pre working out alternative for anyone trying to avoid protein. You could prepare your simple smoothie using fruit and water. Also, you can add vegetables to your smoothie to make it more nutritional and energy-boosting. Generally, smoothies play a big role in building muscle, boosting general body health and weight loss as well. If their taste is a turnoff, you could add some natural flavor but keep off artificial sweeteners.

    Good Substitutes

    Here are some more alternatives to pre-workout that could help a great deal when it comes to boosting your training intensity.

    Light Cardio Workouts

    Light cardio workouts are essential for enhancing blood flow right before bouncing into a serious session. These could involve rowing, jumping jacks, or leg kicks. Basically, it is about raising your heartbeat rapidly to increase energy and blood flow.

    Proper and balanced Nutrition

    Proper and balanced Nutrition

    If you are proficient in pre-workouts, it is definite that you already know that a poor diet is not in the list of what can replace pre-workout. Proper nutrition is one of the crucial pillars for boosting your energy both before and after an exercising session. Providing your body with the necessary nutrients consistently is suitable for training and general body health.

    A Good Nightโ€™s quality Sleep

    Lack of sleep generally affects performance not only when it comes to working out but also in delivering on other tasks. With a good and quality nightโ€™s sleep, you will have enough energy for your training and develop resistance to chronic fatigue as well.

    Listen to uplifting Music

    The power of music is often underrated. Can you spike your energy levels by listening to feel-good music before and while working out? Therefore, if you are yet to have a dedicated training playlist, it is time you get one. Besides boosting energy, music also enhances focus by overpowering other distractions.

    Final Thoughts

    If you have been looking for natural pre workout alternatives, you are good to go with the above options. Also, do not forget to combine the substitutes with a positive mindset, and you will hit your goals fast and easy.

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