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  • An Outdoor Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Women

    02 Jul 2020
    An Outdoor Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Women

    When you have an outdoorsy lady as a friend, then you should know that she is the type who loves to enjoy nature, and has a very close bond with adventures. Getting her outdoor gifts requires a very thoughtful process, especially if she is the sporty type. If you have been contemplating on the best outdoor gift for her, then you donโ€™t have to worry any longer. In this article, we have the perfect gift guide for women, as we have carefully provided you with all the information that you need about getting a thoughtful gift for her. All you need to do is thoroughly read through and make your final decision based on the information weโ€™ve provided for you. With that being said, get ready to give her a memorable outdoorsy gift!

    What should I get my Outdoorsy Friend?

    This is probably the question that has constantly flooded through your mind. But do not worry! The answer to your question would not be far-fetched once you can follow the tips and guidelines below.

    Finding out what she likes

    One of the most paramount things you must take cognizance of is finding out what your outdoorsy friend likes. You need to know the major activities she engages in when she is outdoor.

    Is your outdoorsy friend a sporty girl, a hiker, or a runner female? Perhaps she does virtually all the aforementioned activities. Well, there is only one way to find out! And thatโ€™s through thorough research about the outdoorsy activities she has been found doing in the past.

    Once youโ€™ve made your findings, then you can proceed to get the perfect outdoor gift for her. And below are our top outdoor gifts for outdoorsy girls that can make every moment a memorable one:

    • Hiking

    How does hiking gifts for her sound? Exciting and adventurous, right? If she is the hiking type, then giving her a hiking treat to the worldโ€™s best places would definitely be a memorable one for her. Just get your backpacks ready with everything you need to help make a memorable journey. Trust me; hiking is one outdoorsy gift that she would hardly forget in a very long time.

    • Nature Lover

    Virtually all outdoorsy girls love nature; they tend to engulf themselves in the blissful serenity and beauty that nature offers, in contrast to the hassles of the city.

    You can take her to the most beautiful natural habitats that you know; where she can relax and breathe the fresh air of nature! That sounds fantastic, doesnโ€™t it?

    • Camping

    Here is one of the most popular outdoor activities that many people love to indulge in. And for an outdoorsy girl, itโ€™s absolutely a plus! Unlike other gifts, camping is one outdoor activity that requires a lot of equipment, and part of what you need for ideal camping includes; lounger air sofa, led flame table lamp, backpack chair, water bottle, and other cooking utensils. Camping also gives room to appreciate the beauty of nature from the moment you wake up to the time you sleep, and of course, after a bottle of good wine (essential, right?)

    Once you have gotten your camping equipment ready, and have thoroughly planned your camping destination, then you are already on your way to giving her the best outdoor gift ever!

    • Running

    In the running, you can find the ideal outdoor gifts for sporty girls. This is a perfect gift for a female runner friend. To make this beautiful moment to a whole new level, get her a pair of beautiful sneakers and sportswear. Also, have a water bottle by your side to help you stay hydrated as you challenge her in a race (which she might probably win, by the way!).

    • Walking

    How about taking a walk and doing a lot of sight-seeing in the process? Walking is a form of exercise that goes a long way in strengthening your body and keeping you healthy. And when two or more people engage in it together, it helps to strengthen relationships. That is why itโ€™s a special outdoor gift that you can definitely give her. You can get her ahead warmer, a pair of socks, and a beautiful sneaker. Having a dog around is also a good idea.

    Final Advice

    From the above tips, we hope that youโ€™ve been able to get the perfect outdoor gift present or at least an idea. And we also hope that you have been able to choose the gift that will suit her best.

    As we said earlier, knowing the outdoorsy activity she enjoys will enable her to pick the perfect outdoor gift.

    We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, opinions, or suggestions, kindly leave them all in the comment section. Have you tried any of the above outdoor activities with your female friend(s)? If yes, how did it go? Did she find it memorable and worthwhile? Weโ€™ll like to know. Kindly tell us below. At, we wish you the very best in your quest.

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