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  • Best Fit For Me: Leggings Vs Yoga Pants

    04 Feb 2020
    Best Fit For Me: Leggings Vs Yoga Pants

    Are you hoping to be fashionable in the trendy arena but just get mixed up and confused? Well, why else would you be here? There are a heap of yoga pants models that can’t differentiate between yoga pants and leggings. We are about to demystify this myth and make it as clear as the light of day as to what choice you should make between the two.

    Even before we get started, we would like to hear your thoughts and opinions when it comes to differentiating leggings vs yoga pants. What myths and fables have you heard out there concerning the two? Leave a comment in the comment section below and see the craziest beliefs out there!

    What are Leggings?

    What are leggings

    You’d be surprised to realize that these have typically been around from as early as since the 1940s. Perhaps fabric manufacturers developed classy ideas of leg-warmers after the brutal WWII. We can still go back to the 18th-Century where it was men’s leather clothing covering them to the ankle region.

    More recent connotations have led people to accept them as more of a lady’s clothing which has the characteristics of being elastic and close-fitting. The ’70s then saw fashion trends making leggings as attire for workout sessions. By and by, the trend became so common that women now consider putting on leggings as pants for the entire day – whether at work, or school. This is how yoga pants slowly crept into the limelight.

    What are Yoga Pants?

    What are yoga pants

    Before going to the shopping mall, you want to be very particular on the cloth you’re buying and why you’re buying it. This especially applies to leggings yoga versus actual yoga pants. See, most leggings can be characterized as workout pantaloons (with extra features), but not all exercise pantsuits can be said to be leggings. That said, how do you tell between yoga pants vs leggings? What are the different types of yoga pants and their legging counterparts?

    Yoga pants can be elaborately said to be types of lengthier leggings with an added material of waistband that is technically made to support workout sessions, extra stretches and exercises. Does this mean leggings cannot be used for exercises? Well, read on to find out more!

    What Are The Differences Between Leggings and Yoga Pants?

    difference between yoga pants and leggings

    So far, this is the best question you can ask. Interviewed women have different perspectives just like different manufacturers will have a different take concerning this issue. That notwithstanding, some describable similarities arose which we thought worth bringing to your attention next time you want to purchase yoga tights. This will also help you decide if you can wear tights as pants or even consider the best yoga pants for men which would not be possible without the former.

    Length Considerations

    Whereas this isn’t such a unique differentiation feature between different types of leggings and physical exertion pantsuits, it’s still worth a mention. Most leggings are made to reach below the knee level and the fuller version reaches just above the ankle level. Some may like to consider the shorter version as ‘calf-length or Capri’ while some go as far as naming them women’s active shorts – which are quite different by the way.

    Yoga pants, on the other hand, are flexibly made to reach below your ankle level. As mentioned above, however, this isn’t such a great consideration as a person’s height will also determine where the breeches reach.

    The Waistband

    This breaks down the difference between yoga pants and leggings further. The former is considered to have a waistband material which is a different fabric attached to the overall piece of cloth. This high-fitted waistband sits right below the belly-button and its elastic nature adds extra support to the athlete.

    In contrast to that, leggings are made to reach your waistline or just a tiny distance above it. Normally, they only have a single fold or just one band of the waistband material. This is a top feature that disqualifies them for exercises as they will rarely stay put during those long bends, twists and stretches. Stretch yoga pants, however, will serve you just right.

    wearing leggings as pants

    The Make or Fabric

    Generally, the notion that exercise pantsuits are comfier than legging is true due to their flexible nature and material used. Skin tight yoga pants are made from a double fabric of polyester, elastane, spandex, leather or even cotton. Looser-fit yoga pants can be sewn using wool, bamboo and even cotton and will make fancy outdoor wear.

    Generally, materials used in making workout pants are more expensive since more fabric is eventually used. Leggings are considered to be lighter and their tighter counterparts are normally see-through thus not appropriate for work-out sessions or an outdoor bike ride. 100% cotton yoga leggings are thicker thus comfortable and you won’t have to worry about peeping eyes. Ever heard of cotton lycra leggings? Can you differentiate them from polyester yoga pants?

    Spandex workout pants (spandex workout leggings) are also made for exercises and will fit you all the workout session through. Like yoga britches, they are made with a gusseted crotch which is an extra triangular fabric that keeps those ‘extra lips’ out of sight. Wearing leggings as pants should thus be fun if you know which ones to go for and for what occasion also.

    Different Types Available

    From thickness to tightness and even material used, leggings and yoga sweatpants can be grouped into different types. One can also consider the purpose meant for it thus such questions as ‘are leggings appropriate for work?’ Depending on the different sizes and variety, one is also able to determine whether the attire in question is a calf-length legging, fit and flare, crop or workout shorts. Different brands out there from Lululemon to the likes of Lola Getts, Girlfriend Collectives and even the 5-star rated Zella will brand different types differently. It’s not uncommon to find a legging classified as a sassy yoga pant.


    Leggings are majorly characterized as being inner-wear clothing to add a layer of warmth – no matter how thin the layer is. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to wear them with a skirt or dressing on top. This is especially so if the legging is thinner than most. The thick variety can be freely worn with nothing outside.

    Workout pants are now made to fit any occasion, not just workout sessions. It has become casual wear even to women who want nothing to do with yoga. They don’t usually fall off and keep everything in check. You want to check out a yoga pant that fits the occasion if considering casual wear as opposed to a legging.

    how to wear yoga pants

    Their Ideal Purpose

    Do you see the clothing dancers and acrobats usually wear? That is leggings at its best. You can also consider a pair of Lululemon leggings if you just want something classic and unique to kick out the cold and bring out your body features. If your point of concern is how to wear yoga pants, remember it’s purposefully meant to help you during exercises and extreme workouts and outdoor events such as mountain climbing.

    Common among Leggings and Yoga Pants

    Even with the unique differences mentioned in length, fabric, characteristics and purpose of wearing lotus-position pants and leggings, some common characteristics come out. These have even confused people hoping to make a specific purchase. Our advice would be – get something that looks good on you and makes you feel good. Worrying about the nitty-gritty details between leggings vs yoga pants will only leave you worked up and stressed out especially if you confuse the 2.

    That said; whether you are getting yourself a Pilate or a pant, consider the following commonalities:

    Athletic Wear

    There are a bunch of athletic leggings spamming the industry which have a close association with yoga pants. They are mostly tight and thick and comfortable enough to allow stretching and bending. The ones readily available are for women but the leggings for men come hand-in-hand with workout shorts that make the match complete.

    Made to Fit

    Originally, this clothing was meant to tightly fit the body and reserve heat and warmth as inside clothing especially during winter. With the introduction of yoga slacks, it became necessary to widen the scope of the fit to allow for unisex material for the different workout activities. Presently, there are tight yoga pants and leggings that can fit women during aerobics, shorter varieties that reach below the knee-line, standard sizes which expand from the knee downwards and also relaxed fits which are generally wide and fluffy. You can consult to know which fit best works out for your training session.

    Concluding Remarks

    We hope that this comprehensive guide has helped you differentiate between leggings vs yoga pants. To make it pretty simple for you, always consider the purpose for your outfit and you’ll know what best suits the occasion. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below on what your experience has been between these two choices.

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