Inversion Table Benefits
  • Inversion Table Benefits

    10 Jun 2020
    Inversion Table Benefits

    Nowadays, more and more people are involved in fitness. Some gym-goers start to work out while looking for ways to get into better shape. However, there are thousands of individuals who are desperately searching the methods to lessen physical tension. Most of us have sedentary jobs and little time for physical activities, that’s why the most prevalent type of discomfort is back and neck pain. Just imagine, more than half of the country’s population suffers from this issue. We all have already tried to use various treatments, some even wore Back Braces, and they are helpful. But it’s impossible to use even the best pain relief cream constantly, and back braces feel confining over time. Luckily, there is a solution to our problem! Inversion tables and inversion therapy! If you saw an inversion table, you might have thought it was a medieval torture tool. But don’t let its look to deter you from trying it! Because the benefits of using an inversion table are endless. Lots of therapists recommend using this equipment to relieve and afterward get rid of back, neck, and even knees pain.

    If you want to know more about inversion tables and inversion therapy benefits, you are in the right place. Here you’ll find an expert view on this subject. Keep reading!

    how to use an inversion table

    The best inversion table is a unique type of fitness table. Of course, you can’t eat or iron on it like on the ordinary table. This fitness equipment holds a person suspended in the upside-down position. It has several attachments for reliable suspension and optionally may have some accessories for exercising. The inversion table is good for your back, spinal cord and muscles. You’ll train your back by stretching it for several minutes while standing upside down. There are different types of such tables, you can choose a plain model or the one which lets you exercise too, e.g. do torso rotation and ab crunches.

    An inversion table is a considerable investment, of course. However, you can opt for a relatively budget-friendly item which will cost about 100$, or buy a table with advanced features, but you’ll have to spend up to 400$.

    How Does An Inversion Table Work?

    To get the best from the inversion table, you must know how to use it properly. Bellow, you’ll find tips from our experts; use them for correct exercising and good results.

    how does an inversion table work
    • Before you start training, you have to set the table up and adjust it according to your height. Each unit is different, so, watch the manufacturer’s info and instructions to set it up properly.
    • Do check all safety harness and ankle support, make sure they are secure.
    • Get on the unit and lock the ankle support. Remember, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.
    • Lean back onto the table gently holding your hands over the chest and let the unit level itself.
    • When you are comfortable, you can continue to invert further. Once you are at a comfortable angle, stretch your arms above the head.
    • If you are a first-timer, do not invert too much (60-70 degrees will be enough). Besides, do not be in this position for more than 30 seconds. Otherwise, you can end up with a headache or other issues. But you can make inversions a bit longer day by day when you feel accustomed to this process.
    • As soon as you are ready to finish the procedure, just place the arms over the chest and allow yourself to get back up slowly. Or you can ask a spotter to help you with this step.
    how long to use inversion table

    This procedure is called inversion therapy, and it’s the case when more frequent sessions lead to better results. If you can use the unit several times a day, health benefits of inversion table will be greater and long-lasting. Ideally, you should do this exercise in the morning, afternoon and before bed. If you use the inversion table for back and neck pain relief, exercise any time the symptoms appear. In the beginning, you may notice that the benefits of hanging upside down wears off too soon; however, after each session, the effect will last longer. It’ll take some time for the body to adapt to new exercises and, afterward, get recovered. Stay patient and consistent with the therapy, plus, you can continue to use the best cbd oil for pain.

    Benefits Of Inversion Table

    We often get asked, “What are the benefits of an inversion table?” Actually, they are numerous! People who use these units regularly say that they experience noticeable health improvements. An inversion table stretches and releases muscle tension, and thanks to this, provides benefits beyond pain relief. Regular sessions reduce stress, improve blood circulation, increase flexibility. Read on to learn more inversion table benefits.

    Benefits Of Inversion Table For Back Pain

    • Fights back pain – it’s among the first and main back inversion table benefits an inversion table can reduce the back pain considerably thanks to the ability to restore the shape of the back to its natural form. That’s how exercising on such a table reduces the pain which comes with a spine bending.
    • Helps to avoid surgery – doctors often recommend surgery to combat back pains. But if you try exercises on the inversion table, it will reduce pain, and you’ll be spared from harmful after-effects and considerable financial losses.
    • do inversion tables work
    • Fixes herniated discs – exercises on the table return the discs to the right, original position.
    • Fights the sciatic nerve pain – the table has the ability to decompress the spine and work the area around the hips. However, you have to consult your doctor before performing this kind of exercising because it may be risky.
    • Corrects scoliosis – scoliosis is abnormal bending of the spinal cord. Regular exercising on the inversion table will restore the shape of the spine to its initial condition.
    • Realigns the spine after a workout – practice laying on the inversion table after your workouts since it restores the alignment of the constituent bones. It prevents pain or other back issues.

    Benefits Of Inversion Table For Neck Pain

    • Relieves cervical spinal stenosis – if the neck area is often subjected to pressure and load, this might cause the vertebrae to narrow. Thereafter, ligaments of the neck region may get thicker and pose damage to the cartilage. Regular use of the inversion table can effectively relieve these conditions – no stiffness or pain in the neck anymore.

    Inversion Table Benefits For Knees

    • Reduces pressure at the joints – sedentary job and lack of exercising subjected the joints, especially knees, to the risk of pressure build-up. If nothing is done about it, a person can experience pain and some difficulties while walking. When you regularly use the inversion table, you stretch the muscles and improves the blood circulation, this way the pressure build-up will be relieved.
    • Relieves osteoarthritis pain – osteoarthritis is the degeneration process to the joints, cartilage, and bones. Luckily, this condition can be slowed down or even prevented by exercising on the inversion table. It won’t get things worse or bring any side effects.
    • Improves the health of your joints – joints are usually prone to excessive weights, it’s caused by the gravitational pull and the weight of your own body. It subsequently results in wear off of the joints, including knees. The benefits of inversions for knees and other joints are numerous since they relieve the pressure and improve the blood flow.

    Are Inversion Tables Safe?

    You have already seen the numerous benefits from the regular use of an inversion table. However, there are some issues when inversion therapy is unsafe. You should know that the upside-down position decreases heart rate, increases blood pressure and puts pressure on the eyeballs. Also, experts don’t recommend inversion if you have the following issues:

    are inversion tables safe
    • Cardiovascular disorders: heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure
    • Joints or bones disorders: spinal injuries, fractures, osteoporosis
    • Other diseases and infections: ear infections, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, cerebral sclerosis, retinal detachment.
    • Do not use the inversion table if you are pregnant.

    Note, that you should get accustomed to inversion therapy. Start slowly to adjust to the exercising; it’ll prevent or reduce side effects, such as headache, dizziness and muscle strain.

    To sum up, there are pros and cons of inversion tables, of course, but they are safe to use if you don’t have health issues listed above. But if you still aren’t sure whether you should use this unit, consult your doctor.


    Our team on consists of professional sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts. Some of us have been using inversion tables for a long time, some have recently tried them. However, we all agree that such gear is really beneficial for keeping a good shape and overall health. So, we think it’s a good investment and a must-have for everyone without bad health issues, especially for those with sedentary jobs and little physical activity.

    Take care!

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