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    Tips on How to Use Whey Protein?

    25 Nov 2019
    Tips on How to Use Whey Protein?

    Nutrition has become a responsibility in recent times. It is one of the primary thought processes that revolve in our minds throughout the day! We are busy with our day to day routine, and that keeps us preoccupied always. We do not have the time to take care of our health, and this has to lead to obesity, depression, and other disorders many times. It has also invited diseases that are difficult to treat. And so, people have started feeling guilty about their health conditions! Our curious minds keep questioning, “Do I need protein powder?” to stay fit. What can be a one-stop solution for everything? We want a complete product that is rich in nutrients, healthy, and easy to prepare. Certainly, Whey protein can serve this purpose best! However, we have specific concerns: can protein powder make you gain weight? Do you drink protein before or after a workout? How much protein should I consume? These aspects are essential because every product has its specifications and needs to be consumed in a prescribed manner to reap the best benefits. Let us discuss in detail about every concept revolving around this food product! So, let us get started.

    How To Use Whey Protein?

    Every food product has its benefits, provided we use it in the right manner. To imbibe the nutrition entirely, and to get on to the habit of consuming it regularly. You should understand the whey protein nutrition facts, types, how to make whey protein, and when to drink protein? It will give us a more transparent and better picture altogether! Do protein shakes help gain weight? First, let us get the basics right.

    What Is Whey Protein?

    What is whey protein

    Milk is found to contain two different proteins, namely casein, which contributes to 80% and whey protein the rest. It can be distinguished as the watery fraction of the milk. It is easily separated during the process of cheese making and is a combination of proteins. As the milk is curdled to form cheese, it is derived as a by-product in the liquid form. It goes for further processing and forms whey protein powder or a complete whey protein meal replacement. We have protein powder for beginners with diversifying benefits. But, what does whey protein do? Why is it essential?

    Why Do I Need Whey Protein?

    Fitness is an essential goal for all of us. It is more prominent among the athletes, sportsmen, and ordinary people going to the gym regularly on account of fitness goals. It is abundant in nutrients that are essential for muscle development. This offers all the essential amino acids that serve as the building blocks for protein synthesis necessary for active muscle growth. It gets easily absorbed in the bloodstream compared to other similar types. Take whey protein every day to support healthy muscle growth and enhance your fitness levels.

    Types of Whey Protein: Concentrate vs. Isolate vs. Hydrolysate

    There are three different types. They differ based on the mode of processing, which alters the nutrient content present and the taste as well. There is a difference in the way they get digested too. We shall discuss the types briefly.

    Types of Whey Protein
    1. Concentrate — This is the least processed type and contains more lactose and fats compared to the other types. It is rich in protein nutrients that work as good antibodies and increase the immunity levels to a great extent. It is the best-tasting whey protein and slightly challenging to get digested.
    2. Isolate — Isolate form is derived by removing some amount of fat and carbohydrates from the concentrate. It is rich in protein, digests faster, and slightly costlier. Isolated whey protein types are preferred by people who want to reduce the lactose consumption in their diet. This product also tastes good.
    3. Hydrolysate — This is the most processed form, completely hydrolyzed and lactose-free whey. During the process, this protein is digested by providing some essential enzymes. Hence, as it is pre-digested, this form gets easily absorbed in our bodies. People suffering from associated milk allergies will feel comfortable having this type, as the synthesized form is already broken down into the respective amino acids. It is the most expensive form available for routine consumption. Hydrolysate and native are prominent among people in recent times.

    How Much Do I Need?

    How much do I need

    Researchers suggest that for moderate requirements, 15 — 20gram is appropriate, and for a person doing heavy work out every day will require slightly more and about 25 – 30 g. How many scoops of whey protein do this account too? On average, 1 – 2 scoops will be sufficient for an adult. It will suffice the need for essential protein synthesis and any repairs caused due to muscle damage. You can have it as a shake or smoothie, as well.

    When Do I Take It?

    Consuming this food product is considered healthy at any time in a day. However, we can increase the quality of results by taking it at specific times in a day. How many protein shakes a day you want is determined according to your daily workout routine. Let us see how to use whey protein for increased benefits.

    If you are looking for whey protein as a source for weight loss, practice consuming it as your breakfast. It is very much rich in branched-chain amino acids that get your muscles to grow leaner. Metabolism and food digestion that happens when you sleep at night consume all the amino acids. Having a special shake in the morning can give you protein additionally to support lean muscle growth, burn the fat. It leads to weight loss even if you do not exercise. Also, consuming it increases satiation making your stomach feel full and that you control and curb your hunger. Protein for women consumed in this manner can help them lose weight post-delivery.

    During training or a work out sometimes muscles get damaged and require quick recovery. Consuming this nutrition half an hour post-workout will help the recovery process function smoothly and ensures muscle building as well. Protein bars for women are available for easy consumption after workout.

    Benefits Of Whey Protein

    There are numerous health benefits of whey protein. Let us discuss some of them here.

    1. Weight Loss — Do protein shakes make you fat? Certainly, not..!! It curbs hunger to a great extent and increases the rate of metabolism considerably, thereby aiding the weight loss efforts. Also, it retains the strength of muscles and let it grow leaner.
    2. when to drink protein
    3. Muscle strength and growth — Muscle loses its power and gets reduced in mass as we grow older. This may further lead to weight gain and other chronic diseases related to it. Whey protein is an excellent source for muscle growth and recovery in case of any damages.
    4. Reducing blood pressure — It is found to reduce the extent of total cholesterol and LDL in many people. Consequently, it also lowers blood pressure and associated heart diseases that are bound to occur in hypertensive people. This is possible due to the presence of ‘Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors’, also called ACE inhibitors.
    5. Diabetic Control — Insulin is necessary to keep the blood sugar levels optimally. Whey protein is found to increase insulin production to moderate the extent of blood sugar in our body.
    6. Antioxidant properties — Antioxidants are necessary to reduce the oxidative pressure in our bodies. Glutathione is an antioxidant responsible for this function produced directly by our body. Its production depends on amino acids like cysteine, which is easily provided by whey protein.

    Side Effects

    Every food product will have its side effects, although it may not be prominent, check hemp protein powder reviews. In the same line, let us discuss the possible whey protein dangers.

    Side Effects
    1. Indigestion — Digesting whey protein is difficult for many people. It can cause bloating of stomach, cramps, and diarrhea. This is mainly due to the breaking down of lactose present in the protein. People who are lactose intolerant do not produce enzymes to digest lactose and hence get affected due to digestion issues. This issue can be managed by having isolated or hydrolyzed form.
    2. Allergies — People who are allergic to dairy products (develope swelling on face or throat and rashes on the skin), will face the same with whey protein as it is a milk derivative. It can be avoided by having a hydrolyzed type.
    3. Constipation — People who are lactose intolerant will face constipation related issues because of the reduced movement in the gut. This can be compensated by eating more fruits and vegetables, increasing fiber levels.

    Final thoughts

    We have had a general discussion on how to use whey protein when you should take protein and how many scoops of whey protein is required. Do protein shakes work for you is a specific question. You will have to start using it or at least consider your family doctor and get their suggestions to get benefited well. There are tutorials to know how to mix protein powder and have it as a complete meal. Whey protein lose weight strategy works if you take the right quantity at the right time regularly. Now that you have the basics, just get started to imbibe the best properties of whey protein, and we at are here to guide you at any time!

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