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  • Everything You Need to Know About Weightlifting Straps

    30 Jul 2020
    Everything You Need to Know About Weightlifting Straps

    Being a weight lifter can be a hazardous task if you donโ€™t have the perfect gear to aid you. Thatโ€™s why this guide is made available for you to help you scale through the hurdles of weightlifting and emerge victorious through the use of lifting straps, also known as stripes.

    Using lifting straps for weightlifting has many benefits that come with them. Apart from helping you to have a good grip on the bars before lifting, they can also save you from hurting your wrist. And in this article, we shall be sharing with you how to use lifting straps, the crucial things about how to use gym lifting straps, and other information that you need to know.

    Letโ€™s begin, shall we?

    This is probably the question that pops up in the mind of professional weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts.

    Is using lifting straps cheating

    Even though some training purists oppose using lifting straps, by arguing that they prevent you from having a natural grip of the bars and diminish your forearm strength. But this argument doesnโ€™t seem tenable because when you learn how to properly use lifting straps (which is what weโ€™ll be sharing with you in this article), then you will realize how essential it is to use them.

    Also, using lifting straps is very important for women and smaller athletes that might have smaller hands that could deprive them of being able to grip dumbbells or barbells effectively, and even hold them long enough.

    Hence, both competitive and non-competitive lifters can use the lift stripes which will inevitably lead to enormous strength and size gain when used properly.

    When Can I Employ Lifting Straps?

    After you have learned how to use weightlifting straps, the most appropriate time to use is when you are doing a posterior chain exercise with near maximal or maximal weights where your grip might give out before your traps, lats, hamstrings, or upper back.

    You can also use them during the last stage of your warm-up before you commence your exercises.

    The various exercises that you can use wrist stripes include every exercise that aims at increasing your muscle size and strength in your upper back, traps, and hamstrings.

    Employing Straps: Deadlift

    You might probably be asking yourself questions like โ€˜Is it ok to use straps when deadlifting?โ€™, โ€˜How safe and convenient can it be?โ€™ Well, we are glad to inform you that using them for deadlifting is very safe.

    You can use stripes for every version and height of deadlifts. Using them with a double overhand grip will also aid effective weightlifting.

    What Do Wrist Wraps Do

    Employing Straps: Power Cleans

    Using stripes when performing hang power cleans can prevent any form of limitation when you grip the bar. They also enable you to concentrate more on bar acceleration without bothering about the grip.

    Hence, when you know how to use wrist straps, they will help to accelerate your bar speed, which would make you become a powerful athlete.

    But you must take various precautions by tightening them around the bar when lifting heavier weights to prevent probable injury.

    Employing Straps: Rows and Pulldowns

    These exercises are done majorly when you want to build a bigger and muscular back, in which you engage your lats and rhomboids to get the best of the movement.

    Hence, stripes aid this by ensuring that your forearms and biceps wonโ€™t take heavier weights before getting the dumbbell or weight stack moving.

    Also, they enable you to feel the rows or pull-downs in your targeted muscles and prevent your back development from suffering.

    Employing Straps: Single-leg Exercises with Dumbbells

    When performing a single-leg exercise with dumbbells, you need straps to prevent your grip from tiring out quickly. Your legs are already doing much work, why pressurize your grip too? Get some straps!

    When not to Use Gym Straps?

    If you decide to stop using them, your techniques might not work well with the new situation, especially for the following exercises that donโ€™t require them due to how they function:

    When to Use Wrist Wraps

    Proper Guide to Use Lifting Straps

    Like we said earlier, your ability to know how to use lifting straps can go a long way in making you achieve the best weightlifting results. And below are the practical steps on how to use them:

    • Step 1

    As you get ready to lift the weight all kitted up in your best weightlifting shoes, the first thing you need to do is to get your stripes (which can be any basic type as long as itโ€™s well-sewn and made from quality material) and wear each of them on each hand.

    • Step 2

    Tighten the loop around your wrist and wrap the loose end of the straps around the bar making sure that the loop is underneath the bar. Then, you can proceed further by gripping the bar firmly and lifting away. Itโ€™s pretty easy!

    Final Word

    There is no gainsaying that lifting straps or stripes are very useful for any weightlifting athlete to help maintain a strong, safe, and secured grip during weight lift. These stripes come in different sizes and textures that you can conveniently work with. And we hope that this article has been able to expose you to a lot of things about wrist stripes.

    Do you have any questions and/or reservations? Have you ever used lifting stripes? If so, how do you use lifting straps? Kindly tell us in the comment section below. Weโ€™ll love to hear from you! For more information, visit

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