to Make Your Own Protein Powder
  • 3 Homemade Protein Powder Recipes

    13 Jan 2020
    3 Homemade Protein Powder Recipes

    Protein powder made at home is nutritious and free from additives and artificial sweeteners. You can also add whatever healthy ingredients you might want. Protein powder is popular among bodybuilders because it does not only aid in bulking but also in muscle recovery. This powder is also beneficial for those who find it challenging to meet their daily protein requirements.

    Ever asked yourself: “how do I make my own protein powder?’ Wonder no more! Below are some methods on how to make your own protein powder:

    Choose Your Protein Ingredients

    How is protein powder made? To create your own protein powder you need a natural supply of protein. The best thing about this method is that you get to choose the ingredients and the amount. Good protein powder has nutritious elements; you can use milk powder or whey.

    Below are some recipes:

    Dairy-Based Protein Powder Recipe

    Wondering how to make Protein powder at home? Dairy-based protein powder is simple to create because the ingredients are readily available. Here are homemade protein powder ingredients for this recipe:

    Include Nutritious Add ins


    1. 3 cups dry milk/milk powder
    2. 1 cup oats
    3. 1 cup almonds
    4. Honey or your choice sweetener


    1. Measure a cup of milk, oats, and almonds then blend until you achieve a smooth outcome.
    2. Add the remaining dry milk in the blender and mix until you achieve consistency
    3. Pour your mixture into a container and store at room temperature. Replace the lid after every use and consume within 2 weeks. Refrigerate if you want to use longer.
    4. To create a smoothie, put ½ cup of the mixture and 1 cup of liquid into the blender as well as your favorite flavors. Blend and enjoy.

    Plant-Based Protein Powder

    Homemade vegan protein powder is convenient if you experience lactose intolerance or don’t like dairy. Plant based protein powder is excellent for you as it ensures that you get all the nourishment you need.

    Plant Based Protein Powder recipe


    1. ½ sunflower seeds
    2. 1/3 cup chia seeds
    3. ¼ hemp


    1. Crush the hemp hearts and chia seeds separately to fine flour each.
    2. Combine the ingredients and store in a dark place and use an air-tight case. Use 3-4 spoons in a smoothie.

    2-Ingredient Green Protein Powder Recipe

    Homemade powder is not only natural, but it’s beneficial for your gut and overall health. The good thing about learning how to manufacture protein powder is that you can make it dairy and sugar-free.


    2-Ingredient Green Protein Powder recipe
    1. A cup of pumpkin seeds
    2. 1 cup hemp seeds


    1. Put all the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until they become fine particles.
    2. Transfer into a jar and store in the fridge. Add 2 tablespoons to your smoothies.

    Adding Flavor

    When you purchase the store protein powder, it might be different from the one you create when it comes to taste. You might wonder, how do they make protein powder? Their products have artificial sugars and flavor; however, there are natural ways to sweeten yours. Some people prefer coconut, nutmeg, and a teaspoon of sugar to improve the taste.

    Adding spices like cinnamon gives you a sweet taste and scent. You can also add pumpkin pie spice for the same effect. You can also use extracts such as vanilla or almond. Combine your flavoring with a fruit shake for an exotic taste. Plain or chocolate milk is an excellent alternative to merge with your flavors. There are different types, for instance, if you would rather make hemp smoothie, add the powder to hemp milk.

    Types of Protein Powder

    You are probably familiar with whey protein, but did you know there are different types. Below are other examples and their features:

    Hemp protein

    Not only contains essential amino acids, but it is a complete protein, meaning that you get all the nutritious benefits. This means that hemp is an excellent alternative for vegans and individuals with dairy allergies. Experts believe that hemp is a nutritious vegan protein powder. It has fiber as well as omega acids which other powders lack.

    Pea protein

    Contains valuable amino acids and is an excellent alternative to dairy. This is beneficial for both bodybuilders and those who want to shed some pounds. It is not only good for your waistline, but also your kidneys and heart.

    Your Flavor

    Whey protein

    It is the most common among athletes because it is water-soluble, and they can have it on the go. Whey is a complete protein, meaning that you consume essential nutrients. If you often ask, how to make whey protein powder; to make this powder, blend dry milk and oats then add your favorite flavor.

    Casein protein

    Contains glutamine, which accelerates muscle recovery. This product comes from dairy products, and it’s not popular among vegans. Although YouTube has many videos showing you how to make сasein protein powder, remember to take casein at night. This is because the body takes longer to digest.

    Soy protein

    It contains all the amino acids and is excellent for vegans. You can create a soy shake, or sprinkle some to your meals. If you are allergic to dairy or experience lactose intolerance, soy is an excellent supplement. This is also the best lactose free protein powder you can get.

    Homemade Protein Powder Frequently Asked Questions

    There is so much information about protein powder that can cause confusion, especially with many people claiming to be gurus. That is why we gathered common questions and answered them for you.

    Is there an Alternative for Protein Powder?

    If you hate the flavor of protein powder, there are other nutritious alternatives. Try milk, which is an essential ingredient in nutritious shakes. You can use whole milk or skim but if you are allergic use soy. Add yogurt to create a thicker consistency.

    Ricotta cheese a product of whey is an excellent alternative to protein powders. Ricotta cheese is quick to digest and absorb in the body. You can also make casein from cottage cheese, which is easy to digest compared to your own made protein powder made from milk.

    Nuts are an excellent nutrition to provide your daily requirement. Peanuts and almonds contain up to 6 grams. Nuts also improve the flavor of your beverage. If you don’t have any nuts, you can use sunflower seeds or peanut butter for a creamier taste.

    Is too Much Protein Bad?

    Is too much protein powder bad for you

    Protein is essential for our bodies, but overeating can be counterproductive. It does not only help in repairing tissues, but also in strengthening our immunity. The amount of you need differs from other people based on your body, mage, activities, and fitness. Children, women, and men all require different amounts. The best source of this food group for you should contain all the essential nutrients.

    The drawback of overindulging in excess is that you get little of other foods. This means that you limit the intake of carbs, healthy fats, and vitamins. You need other foods such as fruits to fight diseases, and vegetables to aid in digestion. Homemade powder is ideal because you can mix it with other ingredients, and you don’t have to substitute it for your meals.

    Does Protein Powder Make You Fat?

    When making your protein powder recipe, you need to consider the calories and your daily activities. Most people think that protein can make you fat; however, this is only true if you consume excess calories. First, consider the number of calories you need to avoid adding weight. To make a healthy shake, use low-sugar and high-fiber ingredients. You can also include nutritious elements such as matcha and cacao powder

    How Do You Make Unflavored Protein Taste Good?

    How do you make unflavored protein taste good

    If you don’t like the taste of protein powder, you can improve the flavor by adding it to a liquid of your choice. You can use teas, almond milk or fat-free milk to mask the flavor. You can also add sweeteners such as honey, vanilla extracts, and syrup. Some people prefer peanut butter because it thickens the shake and makes it delicious.

    How Do You Flavor Your Own Protein Powder?

    There are different ways to add flavor to your protein powder. Add dried spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon which not smell good, but is delicious. Add extracts such as cocoa powder to make your protein powder taste like chocolate.

    Dairy Based Protein Powder recipe

    Can I Make My Own Whey Protein?

    Whey protein is popular because our bodies absorb it faster than other supplements. Homemade whey is healthy because you get to choose your ingredients. To make whey you need a milk product like yogurt then place a strainer over a bowl. Remember to put a muslin cloth into the strainer. Pour the yogurt on the strainer and cover it with a plastic wrap then chill overnight. Remove the wrap in the morning the yellow material in the bowl is your whey protein.


    Whether you want to bulk, lose some pounds, or you want to supplement your diet, homemade powder is convenient and cheap. The best thing about making your powder is that you get to choose the ingredients. You can choose healthy and chemical free elements as well as opt for natural sweeteners such as fruits. There is more information on useful sites such as

    How do you make your protein powder? Please share your recipes.

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