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  • How to Lose Weight In Your Thighs

    06 Apr 2020
    How to Lose Weight In Your Thighs

    Often we hear people complain about their body type, weight or stature. This, of course, is not new, but however your look, the first important thing is to learn acceptance, you need to learn to accept yourself and your body before you can successfully make any fine-tuning. You might have asked yourself “why are my thighs so fat?” Perhaps you wish you were someone else, maybe because of your body shape, then, this is for you.

    The struggle to lose weight is very real and we care about all those that are in it, therefore, we would like to specifically take you through the journey on how to lose weight in your thighs. We hope you find this useful.

    Losing weight in specific areas of the body might be a little tedious but very possible. In the process, you might realize that you also lose weight in other areas like your tummy, which is a plus, but definitely, you would lose thigh fat which exactly is the goal. Essentially, a blend of quality diet and exercise would do the trick. Here are the things you can do to reduce thigh fat.

    Take water

    It is a good thing that you want to cut out excess fat, however, you must hydrate. Taking enough water in a good proportion would help flush harmful toxins out of the body. Reduce sweetened drinks and soda and increase intake on antioxidant liquids such as green tea or go for the best detox teas.

    Low carb diet

    This kind of diet has very little or no carbohydrate, although your diet needs to be balanced, you need to understand the amount of carb your body needs and know when to cut on them. So, rather than depend on the best appetite suppressant just to burn those fats around your thigh, you can consume more fruits, vegetables and protein centered meals, ensure that your carb consumption if at all you would have to is not more than 20%. With this, you don’t have to depend on drugs to shed those pounds.

    Do the right exercise

    how to get rid of outer thigh fat

    The truth is, there are no wrong exercises, but doing that which helps you achieve your goal should be paramount. Therefore, if the goal is to center on how to burn thigh fat, then you should do exercises that are targeted on.

    Walking is good. With this form of exercise, you do not need the best pre-workout for cardio to feel its effect. You just arrived at work and you’re not tired, you could take the stairs instead of the lift, walking when you can is very good for your body, not only are your thigh stretched, you also burn some calories in the process.

    Another thigh targeted exercise is; squatting. There are various squatting exercises, but in this case, what you need to do is put your legs and shoulder-width apart, bring your bum down to the ground and ensure your thighs are parallel with the ground, ensure you are balanced, then push up and down. You can try this using an exercise ball placed against the wall, it increases intensity. There are still other thigh targeted exercises you can engage in to burn those fats. Have a gym routine, it helps you know the exercise that makes you burn less or more calories, engage in them and increase discipline. Also, instead of taking the best weight loss pills that could hurt you, exercising is one great harmless alternative.

    Eat healthy & rest

    Healthy eating simply requires you to be deliberate and selective of the things you eat. So, before you take anything into your mouth, you need to pause and ask yourself, is this a yes on my choice of diet? But then, remember that your meal must be balanced and contain the healthiest choices, this is where you decide between good and bad fat, veggies and fruit, complex carbs and others. More so, you need to get good rest and sleep when you have to, this way, you quickly say goodbye to fat thighs.

    What Causes Fat Thighs

    It is not enough to know how to get rid of thigh fat, you need to know the cause for you to put preventive measures in place.

    what causes fat thighs

    First, bear in mind that fats are easy to gain and challenging to lose. Women most especially gain weight that accumulates on the thigh, hips, and buttocks because of their pelvic size.

    Although gender and age are big factors that come into play when it comes to reasons for fat thigh, women have more chances to gain weight in their thigh because of their hormone. Oestrogen can trigger the accumulation of fat in women mostly during pregnancy.

    The kind of food you eat can also be the reason why you go after detox teas and best fat burners just so you burn those calories around your thigh.

    How to Lose Buttocks and Thigh Fat

    Now that you better understand the reason for lower body fat, that is, buttocks and thigh fat, let us see the best way to lose thigh fat without excluding the butt. Losing fat in these areas doesn’t come easy, but then, it is very possible when you do the following:


    This has been an age-long alternative for anyone that wants to keep fit and stay healthy. It is also a good remedy if your goal is to lose butt and thigh fat, however, the choice of exercise would have to be targeted and specific so that the goal is achieved, the following exercises would help to burn calories from the butt and thigh or reduce lower body fat.

    how to lose buttocks and thigh fat
    • Walking regularly
    • Running
    • Hiking uphill
    • Squatting
    • Regular workout
    • Lunges

    Maintain a well-balanced diet

    The other serious deal is for you to eat a balanced diet. This would require that you have a picture of your eating dos and don’ts. Like we said earlier, eating healthy entails deliberate precaution when it comes to what you consume. With this, you can only take fewer calories. Another important aspect of this is the portion control strategy. This way, you would not eat everything as they appear, rather, you know the right amount of eating classes to eat. With this knowledge, you would prefer refined carbs over whole-grain carbs, foods rich in fiber instead of processed foods.

    Rest and sleep are a great deal here when your stress level is high, you tend to easily get tired and consume more junk foods, this way, having well-prepared meals get altered. Tiredness can make you find it difficult to exercise, with time, you keep adding calories instead of burning fats. More so, lack of sleep has a negative implication on your metabolism and hormone level. It is advisable that you go to bed at the same time each night, and observe all the courses of action that helps you to reduce butt and thigh fat. You might also want to detoxify, it’s not a bad idea, just ensure you shop for the best detox teas.

    how to get rid of inner thigh fat

    How to get rid of inner thigh fat

    No doubt, you might be wondering where your inner thigh may be. The muscles attached to your pelvic, femur and upper leg bone are five in number, these muscles are otherwise known as adductors and they constitute the inner thigh muscles.

    At this point, you might be wondering what causes inner thigh fat, the truth is, whatever causes weight increase to your body would also result in inner thigh fat. Therefore, there is no specific cause for this. Increased calories would consequently increase inner thigh fat, therefore, reduction alone in a particular body spot is not possible. While some fats are essential, a large amount is inessential, there is a need to know how to slim inner thighs and improve thigh flexibility.

    On how to lose inner thigh fat, you could try the following:

    Routine work out

    This would help keep your inner thigh and entire body in check, also, cardiovascular exercises are the best fat burners, try: climbing stairs, running, jumping rope, brisk walking, squatting, side-lying hip adduction, lunges with dumbbells and skating.

    In addition to this, do well to reduce your intake of saturated fat, reduce calories from the diet, lessen sugary drinks, eat small meals at a time and also, eliminate processed foods as often as you can.

    How to get rid of outer thigh fat

    The outer thigh which is also known as the abductor’s muscle is that area that helps to balance the pelvic and hip external rotators. Although one cannot spot reduce outer thigh fat when we consider how to reduce thigh fat, we can in the process lessen the fat in the outer thigh. To get rid of fat in this section, basically what you need to do is exercise.

    Skating: Is a cardiovascular move that increases metabolism and boosts weight loss around the outer thigh.

    Quick feet: This is a cardio move that supports the thigh and helps to get rid of those fats around your thigh.

    Squatting: there are many forms squatting exercises take, but whichever you’re able to take on, you can rest assured that it works well in the reduction of thigh fats.

    So, you may want to ask, are cardio exercises the solution to burning the outer thigh fat, it is safe to say yes as this has been proven to work well over time.

    A Diet to Lose Weight in the Thighs

    If you are concerned about how to lose thigh fat, then you should also be concerned about the best diet that keeps you in check. For a healthy diet to lose weight in the thigh:

    A Diet to Lose Weight in the Thighs
    • Consume protein such as eggs, beans, lean meat and seeds in the right proportion.
    • Eat fiber-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables.
    • Reduce carbohydrates and eat only healthful foods.

    You can do well to meet a dietician for a professional guide on what to and what not to eat.


    Engaging in regular exercises that are aerobic and targeted makes losing thigh fat attainable. Do specific exercises to get the best of a specific result. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle that include getting rest are highly required. Work with a dietician, gym instructor or visit your doctor if your efforts are not yielding as the hormonal disorder can slow-down weight loss effort. For useful tips to reinforce your gym sessions, visit

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