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    08 Jan 2020

    One of the significant causes of weight problems in both men and women is poor appetite. Are you wondering how to increase your appetite? There are plenty of home remedies you can try to build your hunger and also to avoid the stress of maintaining a healthy weight. Finding a cure for weight loss and weight gain are both equally important. Both these issues can lead to several associated health conditions and even depression. To ensure that your body and all the parts get nutrients in the right dosages and to increase your appetite the natural way, here are some useful tips.


    To know how to improve appetite, you should also identify what is causing the lack of hunger.

    • Several kinds of illnesses lead to lack of appetite. Viral infections, chronic diseases, and even skin conditions that lead to irritability can make you lose interest in food.
    • What causes a decrease in appetite
    • Sudden loss of appetite could also be caused due to some medications. It is not directly due to the medicine but its effect on your digestive system. Have you noticed that doctors prescribe antacids with some medicines by default? This is because these are the kind of drugs that can meddle with the natural digestion process.
    • Rather than asking yourself why don’t I have an appetite, consider checking your sleep patterns. Improper and unhealthy sleep routine can lead to feeling hungry but no appetite or an increased intake of food. That is why sleep problems are the leading causes of weight problems.
    • Your body might not know how to control appetite when you are depressed or stressed. Some end up suffering from eating more than what the body needs, and some end up losing hunger altogether, both of which can be bad.


    These are drugs or food items or supplements to increase appetite. For all those wondering how to get appetite back, there are natural appetite stimulant foods as well as medications classified as Orexigenic, which can help boost the hunger.

    Loss of appetite causes a decline in weight and the feeling of weakness. In such cases, one of the best ways to gain weight is to pick weight gain foods and foods that increase appetite. Here are some options to enhance your appetite or stimulate it.

    What are appetite stimulants
    • Low-fat yogurt
    • Cheese
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Juices
    • Breakfast cereals
    • Diet soda
    • Milk chocolate
    • Fat-free salad dressing

    These are food items that promote a healthy appetite, and there are also some drugs that doctors might prescribe if natural diet changes do not help. High-fat foods stimulate the appetite because they disrupt the healthy levels of the hormones, insulin, and leptin in the body. These are the two primary hormones that are essential to maintain the hunger levels without making them low or high.


    If you are wondering how to stimulate appetite then here some supplements that you can consider adding to your diet-

    Supplements to stimulate appetite
    • Thiamine or Vitamin B1 is one of the vitamins that increase appetite significantly. Deficiency of this is also cited as the leading cause of loss of hunger. It can also lead to weight loss.
    • Zinc supplements are also beneficial to boost appetite in people of all age groups. These are therefore useful in gaining weight healthy way.
    • Bitter herb supplements are the other popular choices recommended for those wondering how to build an appetite and gain weight. They help promote better digestion.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids are the good fats that the body needs as hunger booster. They lead to healthy weight management and also keep the hunger levels at the right levels. There are ready to use supplements with omega 3 as well as food items that are loaded with this.
    • Top meal replacement shakes without hunger suppressants can also help you feel hungry at the right time.


    There are many ways to instantly notice a good improvement in the hunger in both adults and children. Here are some lifestyle changes that can act as a hunger enhancer.

    In elderly

    • Lethargy can dampen your hunger and disrupt your diet patterns. Stay active and indulge in plenty of physical activities.
    • If you are working on gaining weight, do not merely choose calorie-dense foods but also look for nutrient-rich foods. These are easy to digest. It would ensure that your hungriness doesn’t take a hit.
    • Divide your day into small frequent meals than 3 heavy meals. This is easy for the digestive system to handle. You would be able to maintain your interest in food without unwanted weight gain.
    • Lifestyle changes to stimulate appetite In the elderly
    • Switch to healthy snacking options like healthy protein cookies, which give you a boost of energy without making you too full for your next meal.
    • Add a good multivitamin supplement to your day. It prevents the loss of interest in food caused by nutrient deficiencies.
    • Do not skip your meals, especially your breakfast. It can then lead to a craving for unhealthy snacks in the middle of the day, and then you end up not feeling hungry at lunch. Consider choosing from the top meal replacement shakes instead.
    • Add tasty food items to your menu. Just because your meals have to be healthy, you do not have to add all the ingredients you hate. There might be some vegetables that you prefer over others. You can prepare a healthy combination of these and slowly start giving your meals a healthy twist. Adding items you would enjoy makes the meals more delectable and prevents you from the absence of hunger.
    • Avoid distracted eating or using your gadgets when you eat. When you focus more on the meal, you will intake mindful portions that are suitable for your overall fitness.
    • Get good sleep. It is another crucial factor that plays a role in maintaining your interest in food.

    In Infants and toddlers

    • Make it a habit to have at least one meal as a family. Children learn from what they see than from what they are taught. Therefore, consuming a healthy diet as a family is the easiest way to regulate appetite in a child.
    • Lifestyle changes to stimulate appetite In infants and toddlers
    • Avoid high-calorie snacks and sugary sweets. These tend to make the child feel full without actually filling their nutritional needs. These can also take a toll on their eating behavior in general.
    • Make sure that your child sits in the dining table away from distractions like mobile phones and TV while eating. It gives them a chance to enjoy their food and also relish it slowly.
    • Avoid too many snacks in between meals. Takeout meals and processed food lead to fullness without any health benefits. After all these snacks, the children do not feel hungry when mealtime comes. It makes them lose interest in healthy food.
    • Setting strict meal times can be a very effective way to boost their hunger. When the time arrives, the child automatically feels hungry and shows better interest in food.


    From maintaining the right muscle mass to having a toned and fit body, there are many benefits to having a healthy hunger. Find more information on diet and health from Besides learning how to increase your appetite, you would also find tips on weight loss and healthy weight management.

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