to Get Rid of Side Boob Fat
  • A guide to getting rid of your side boob fat

    09 Jul 2020
    A guide to getting rid of your side boob fat

    Many people live with side boob fat, which has shattered a lot of people’s confidence. We understand, but what could be worse than living with this insecurity every day with no idea on how to get rid of side boob fat? And why have shattered self-confidence over a little lump of fat, if there is a solution right here for you on how to lose armpit fat.

    You don’t need to answer any of those questions. All you need to do is keep reading because, in this article, we’re going to draw you a step closer to getting rid of side boob. Also, we’re going to answer questions like; how long does it take to reduce side boob fat? Does spot removal work?

    Without further ado, let’s dive in!

    what is side boob

    Before you race to google “How to get rid of side boob?” you want to know exactly what a side boob is. It implies just as directly as it sounds. It’s the region to the side of the breasts closest to and below your armpits. Many times, ladies appear in clothing cut low below their arms revealing a portion or curve of their breast along their side. However, we’ll rather discuss the not-so-welcome companion that comes in most women’s lives – the side boob fat. What’s better? We are going to tell you how to get rid of side boob fat.

    Armpit Fat is Caused by What?

    Armpit fat, also known as side boob fat, can be caused by several reasons. One of which is…fat in excess. Your body stores this in strategic places. And for most females, the armpit is one of them.

    However, excess fat isn’t the only cause of armpit fat. It might not even be the major cause. The common culprit is every woman’s life possession, bras – wrongly fitting bras.

    what causes armpit fat

    Because bras aren’t custom-made, many women have a hard time finding their right size, while most others have no idea how the right one should be. Smaller-sized bras eventually cause unwanted folds after long periods of inadequate packing. Whichever of these groups you belong to, as time goes by, those underarm babies will start to appear, making your life in tight-fitting tops close to miserable (if you hate them so much). But don’t break down yet, we’ve come with help on how to get rid of armpit fat.

    Side Boob Fat: Spot Removal

    No one wants an extra protrusion under the armpits or beside their breast. But what could be done? This is where we bring to you spot reduction.

    But before you jump into how to spot reduce, know that a lot of reliable sources consider it a myth after trusted scientific studies. Nonetheless, spot reduction is a supposed gold mine on how to get rid of side boob fat. It is all about exercising specific muscles of a certain portion of the body to reduce the fat in that region. Too bad it’s a myth.

    Side Boob Exercises

    The first step on how to get rid of side breast fat is getting yourself a good bra, one that’s your size, not smaller. Next, you need side boob exercises. Not for “spot reduction” these exercises will help increase the firmness of muscles surrounding the breast and armpit and improve appearance. Also, note that targeting the entire body fat is key to losing side breast fat. Below are some exercises that can help you achieve your goal of getting rid of side boob fat:

    • Dumbbell Floor Press
    • Holding two dumbbells on each arm, lie flat on your back. Have your hands in such a way that your upper arms are flat on the ground facing your sides, while your lower arms are raised facing up. Then gradually lift your upper arms, bring the dumbbells up and close. Return your arms to their initial positions and repeat several times while breathing in and out.

      side boob fat and spot reduction
    • Staggered Arm Push-ups
    • This is just like the regular push up with a little difference. Position yourself facing down – just like you would for a regular push up. But don’t let your palms stay side-by-side on the same line. Put one hand in front of you and the other behind (still on the ground). Now, push yourself up and repeat with your arms switched.

    • Bench Dip
    • Sit on a bench with your hands beside your hips holding the edge of the bench. With your legs on the ground, widen the angle of your knees. Then, remove your buttocks from the chair while maintaining your grip on its edge. Now, this is where it gets hard. Bring your upper body towards the ground, then lift yourself up with your hands pressed on the bench, and without moving your legs. Repeat this process over and over and increase the angle of your knees to increase the difficulty. You can also check out how to lose thigh fat.

    How Long Does It Take to Reduce Side Boob Fat?

    One of the things to note on how to lose side boob fat is time. Time remains the golden factor. Changes in the body usually take a while to be apparent, especially under constant watch. Moreover, reducing fat isn’t just about side boob workout, it also has a lot to do with the food you eat, your body type, metabolism, and how much fat you are trying to burn.

    The key to results is consistent workouts about three to five times a week, accompanied by low-calorie intake. Follow our guide properly and consistently, and those side boob fat will burn up in no time.


    Side boob fat is a pretty annoying and general thing, and the surest way to actually getting rid of it is by working to reduce your body’s overall weight. Still, there are exercises to increase muscle firmness and appearance. But whatever happens, don’t forget that we at have you covered. If you have any information to share on how to lose side boob fat, maybe a success story, a question, or suggestion, don’t forget to hit the comments section.

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