to Correct Overpronation

    21 Apr 2020

    Ever had those nasty foot pains? It is possible for feet and ankles to suffer from deviation with regard to pronation, and it is often referred to as underpronation or overpronation. These are very common postural problems among adults. Let’s see how you can overcome various types of pain generated by overpronation!

    Overpronation, however, appears to be more common among adults and is prevalent for people who are used to wearing unsupportive shoes. It is important to understand “what does overpronation mean”? The problem can be caused by walking regularly on hard and flat surfaces, while the person’s weak legs can also be a contributing factor. All these agents make changes to the soft tissue structures located in the feet. This has led to many people wondering how to correct overpronation.


    What is Overpronation

    There may be a common misconception when it comes to this situation, as people do not know what does overpronation look like. This is a situation where the feet excessively inward after landing. This can even happen even when standing. The big characteristics are collapsing arches or flat feet. It is also possible to get second toes that are quite big.


    There are a few symptoms that are given out by this condition. The first problem would be a sharp pain that will occur when trying to move the foot upward. This will generally be present when an individual has been standing, running, or even walking for a long time. This pain will spread across the underfoot and to the back and thighs. This results in one of the frequent running injuries, which is known as Shin splints. It is caused over a period of time by dysfunctional musculoskeletal movements in the calves and feet.

    It is also possible that a lot of swelling in the heel and ankle can be witnessed. The toes can be affected as a result. Since the lower range of motion, stiffness, and other loss of functioning in the lower part of the body are quite apparent, it is important to correct the problem as soon as possible.


    Using of Supportive Shoes for overpronation

    Instead of starting to worry about how to fix overpronation, it is important to understand that the treatment can be quite simple. The conventional way of correction involves wearing shoe inserts made for the right foot alignment. In the case of a huge flatfoot deformity, this can be essential. The orthotic inserts are mainly about placing longitudinal arch support. These products significantly improve the comfort of a person while standing. It also reduces their heel or back pain.

    The person may have to undergo physical therapy to correct the pronation problem if it is severe. There are corrective exercise specialists or physical therapists who will be able to teach clients about doing exercises and stretches to help balance the weight accordingly.


    Improving Form and Posture

    The natural ways of correction begin with understanding what causes overpronation. Even though genetics play a crucial role in this problem, the form and posture can also be the underlying problems. Even if the person undergoes conventional ways of therapy, it is possible for the symptoms to reappear regularly. In such cases, it is important to avoid striking the ground with the heel very abruptly. The person may also not roll the arches upward. One should place their foot in such a way that the heel touches the ground from outside.

    Stretching the Legs

    It is common for overpronation to cause a lot of issues with regards to stiffness and extra stress on the lower back and leg muscles. It is advisable to stretch the legs regularly – especially after a workout or running session. It is also important to use the best outfit for running purposes. Anyone suffering from overpronation should search for what is the best running shoe for overpronation. The stretching after a workout can improve the range of motion, flexibility, and the blood flow to the muscles.

    Consultation with Soft Tissue Therapist

    The process of activating muscles by loosening and massaging the feet and lower body can bring about proper alignment to the feet. It can also break up any of the scar tissue or tissue adhesions that have been causing problems. Even if there is a tendency to overpronate, this condition will not last long. One can make the muscles understand the way to distribute weight without affecting health. Those who are required to stand for long hours will also have to practice in the active release technique, which can lower the deviations.

    There are also techniques that reduce the incidence of injuries in the future. A massage therapist will be able to retreat muscles that have worked very hard.

    Use of Supportive Shoes

    Natural Ways of Overpronation Correction

    The use of supportive shoes will increase motion stability. If a person suffers from injuries, we recommend wearing flexible and lightweight shoes. It is also suggested to have a cushion or lift in less proportion near the arches. There are shoes with multi-density midsoles to prevent the feet from rolling inward excessively. It is possible to pick up arch supports that are available in the market to support the feet better. There are also orthotics specialists who help provide the perfect fit.


    Even though the overpronation may not appear to be a serious issue at first, it can become a huge problem later on in life if left untreated. The issues with posture and pain can become excessive as years roll. Make sure you understand everything there is to know about this condition and do your best to correct your overpronation. We really hope you found this article useful! Write your questions below or any other bits of experience that might help other readers as well.

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