Long Do Running Shoes Last
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    Get to Know How Long Running Shoes Lasts

    02 Dec 2019
    Get to Know How Long Running Shoes Lasts

    When we buy a new pair, we have many priorities. We look for the best material used, the most exceptional manufacturing principles, and the overall quality. We ensure these properties because we want shoes to provide proper cushioning, stability, and traction support. However, there is an extent to which they survive comfortably. Even the best-made products like sneakers face expiry after a certain level of usage. It can hurt your legs, wreck your work out plans and increase the risk of getting injured often. How to tell if running shoes are worn out? Are there ways to extend the life span of your training shoes? Here is a simple guide to help you in this regard! Research on these aspects to have a good running experience!

    How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

    Running Shoes are crucial if you are fitness-oriented and looking for the right cushioning support to run over a long distance. However, if they are worn out or prone to degrade and the cushioning gets weaker even in treadmill running shoes, we apply more pressure on our legs. And it increases the strain. As the grip loses its strength, we get slippery on roads as well. How long are running shoes good for? When to replace running shoes and how to extend their life span is highly prominent. Let us go further and discuss them in detail.

    Signs You Need New Running Shoes

    When to retire running shoes? Though the lifespan remains quite similar, there can be differences in trail running shoes, marathon running shoes, and other training shoes. So, it is undoubtedly imperative that we look for other reliable indicators that reinforce the fact shoe replacement is necessary. With these signs, we can get cautious and purchase a new pair at the early stages for protecting your foot. Here are some common signs that you need to know.

    1. Muscle aches and joint pains. When you go running for an extended period, say a marathon, it is prevalent that you get tired and feel muscle fatigue over your legs. However, if there is an unusual pain even on a customarily paced run that you do daily, then it is a cause for concern. The products might have lost its stability and traction properties.
    2. Signs You Need New Running Shoes
    3. Damaged outsole. The tread present on the outsole provides the necessary cushioning properties for a comfortable landing every time on the road. When the sole is worn out, then you will not experience the smooth movement of your feet on any pavement. Also, the shape of the base sole changes its shape giving you a clear sign.
    4. Flattened products. The midsole is responsible for providing the required levels of bouncing to absorb the impact towards running. If the foam loses its strength and fails to rebound and get flattened, you need to replace them.
    5. Irregular wear. On a new product, you always feel secure while running long distances. Over time, it tends to get changed in their shape, and they start wearing away irregularly. Running patterns are essential here. However, if there is excessive wear precisely on the front portion, it means you will have move inwards with so much effort called overpronation. There is another possibility where the foot goes outward all the time, moving the impact to the edges of your feet. In that case, the edges start wearing away.
    6. Reduced shock absorption. There is an impact associated with running, and it is managed by the shock absorption provided by the cushioning feature. If you get the effect of every single step that you make on your foot and even on your legs throughout, then the shock absorption has gone nil.
    7. Hardness. When you purchase a new product, it is not very hard, and there is a spring feel provided by the interior make and foam material. Even on extensive usage, the upper and outer looks seem quite appealing. However, the midsole providing the support might have worn out. It can be identified if you try squeezing the shoe, and it feels very hard.
    8. Holes in the upper. The upper portion is generally made of a mesh material. When the product starts wearing away, sometimes we get to see small holes coming up on the upper part or quickly get damaged.

    The frequencies at which you come across these indications tell you how often to change them.

    How Many Miles Do Running Shoes Last?

    How Many Miles Do Running Shoes Last

    How long should shoes last if you wear them every day? Researchers conducted with varying brands on common running usage have a conclusion on how long do running shoes last. It is tested across many people using it regularly and found to break down as well. How many miles for running shoes is convincing? Considering, for example, on average, if a person walks three miles per day at an average pace, then it has to be replaced roughly in the range between 300 and 500 miles. It can fairly account for six months of comfortable usage. If it is a product with lighter properties and rich in quality designed primarily for racing that require a faster pace, it can stay active longer! And, if it is repeatedly used on terrible and rugged surfaces quite frequently, it wears away sooner than the average.

    How To Extend the Life of Running Shoes?

    It is always a fair thought process to keep a pair for a long time. Given the characteristics of normal wearing out and expiry process, we can follow certain principles that extend the average life of a shoe. Let us discuss them in brief.

    1. Cleaning. When we go on running in rugged terrains or even on regular roads, we come across mud or broken stone particles. They get attached and stay longer if we do not clean the running shoes regularly. These particles can turn the upper portion very abrasive, which in turn results in fast wearing off. Even the best shoes for the treadmill need to be cleaned; you have to remove the dust that will accumulate over time. There are simple tutorials available online on how to clean running shoes, do refer them, and practice often.
    2. How to Extend the Life of Running Shoes
    3. Drying. After extensive work out every day, certainly, the shoes get soaked in sweat. Sometimes, we go out in the rain and get thoroughly drenched. This cannot be avoided at any cost. However, we should make sure we dry them entirely and keep it slanted on the walls to retain the shape of the product.
    4. Use appropriate products. We have products designed specifically for trail purposes, marathon shoes for a long duration on varied surfaces and others for regular work out purposes. Try avoiding a casual product for gym purposes on mountainous terrain because youโ€™ll lose the stability by misusing running shoes.
    5. Use multiple products. If you have a well-branded product for your daily gym usage, it will take all the weight your body puts on it every day. On handling the same stress every day, naturally, it wears off slowly. Instead, own two different products of the same quality and use it alternatively to balance the force.

    Adequate maintenance done regularly can increase the life span of the products; even the brooks review suggests the same. Make sure you buy the right type for your foot and as required for the surfaces as well. It will enhance the existence of the product primarily without having to concentrate much on that.

    Final Thoughts

    We always have a passion for running, especially with the best-branded shoes. It remains a favorite pair on our shelves, and we would like to retain the quality for an extended period. However, natural and practical conditions have defined expiry for shoes as well. We have seen how long do running shoes last, how to find worn-out shoes with clear indications, and when shoes need to be replaced. Having discussed all that, you may have several doubts in your mind with specific to brands and types. You will get to understand these better as you start using it regularly over some time. Ensure that you are at the best of standards to stay healthy. We, at, are always there to answer your queries and clear off your doubts to envision your running spirit with your favorite shoe!

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