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  • What are Hemp Extract Benefits?

    25 Feb 2020
    What are Hemp Extract Benefits?

    We provide you with examples of using cbd oil from different perspectives so you can have a clear idea about this product. In a search for authentic life experience, we asked people to have a different diagnosis and have used it whether they noticed some health improvements. Also, we looked at the medical opinion and scientific researches to see hemp extract benefits from a medical perspective. In the end, we tested by ourselves so that we can include personal impressions, too.

    If you are not familiar with alternative medicine and plant hemp, no worries, we will explain everything you need to know about the production of cbd oil, including the question “Is hemp extract the same as cbd?”. After reading this article, you will know hemp extract benefits, but also all the side effects, so that you can form your own opinion about cbd oil treatment. We promise that we will debunk myths and offer only facts and statements from personal experience.

    Why is there so much prejudice around this natural remedy? One of the reasons is for sure that it is usually mixed with addictive substances. It will be easy for you to understand what are the concrete differences between marijuana and hemp, and how to notice them if you stay with us until the end. Can you use hemp extract without fear of addiction? What are hemp benefits that FDA approves? We will shortly give you the answer to these and many other questions. Additionally, you will know all about legal issues so that you can be sure that your purchase is entirely safe.

    So let’s begin – a lot of new information is waiting for you.

    What Is Hemp Extract

    Hemp extract or cannabinoids or cbd is made from Cannabis sativa that contains a small amount of THC – which is a psychoactive element. This means that hemp extract can’t cause any addiction and is safe for use even for children. Also though hemp oil is the most usual product, you can find hemp extract in various shapes: oil, tablets, spray and cream. Most of the hemp extract benefits are connected with the improvement of chronic diseases and we will explain how in detail further in text.

    What Is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and cbd Oil

    We will explain what is hemp oil for the beginning. Hemp oil is cold-pressed oil made from hemp extract. For making hemp oil, it is essential to use only seeds from the plant, and because of this, hemp oil is also called hemp seed oil. You may ask yourself does hemp oil have cbd substance. This is a good question because hemp oil usually doesn’t contain cbd or cannabinoids and THC.

    what is the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil

    If you want to know what is cbd oil made from, you will find out that we use every part of the hemp plant for the production of cbd oil. The most known benefits of hemp oil are that it is high nutrients oil with omega fatty acids. If we compare hemp oil vs cbd oil, we can conclude that cbd oil can more effectively improve the health condition of patients. Never the fewer benefits of hemp seed oil are numerous if we count in preventive care.

    Health Benefits of cbd Oil

    If you Google what are the benefits of cbd oil then you’ll get a big list. But first, we want to explain what is happening in the body after consuming cbd oil. You need to know that the human body is capable of producing cannabinoids on its own. Then we have two receptors in the body that are in charge of cannabinoids CB1 and CB2. Recent researches discovered that cbd oil doesn’t attach directly to these receptors, but it stimulates the body to produce more cannabinoids. To put this theory in practice and answer what is cbd oil good for, we can look at various health challenges such as acne, overweight, diabetes, autoimmune diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer and multiple sclerosis. As western medicine doesn’t have answers for many chronic diseases, medical benefits of cbd are crucial for these patients.

    What is also interesting is that the health benefits of cbd include psychological disorders like cbd oil for anxiety for PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD -Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and even schizophrenia. We want to mention just to be clear that, unlike THC, CBD oil doesn’t make a psychoactive effect, so there is no addiction risk. The good news is that best cbd oil has a more significant percentage of cannabinoids inside it, and of course, it should be with an organic label.

    cbd oil benefits for pain relief

    Cbd Oil Benefits for Pain Relief

    If you are suffering from chronic pain, you already stick to a favorite pain killer like it is your best friend. Even though some pain killers are quick in relieving the pain, the consequence of frequent use can be serious. Some researches show pain killers can increase heart attack risks if they are used regularly.

    Because of this, we suggest natural alternative cbd oil for pain relief that can decrease the pain without side effects. Research on mice and rats showed that cbd has the capacity to suppress inflammatory pain. If you want the best cbd oil for pain, you will pay attention and search for organic labels on the product.

    If you have to know how to use cbd oil for pain to target specific muscule area, we suggest that you choose oil or cream and massage the painful part. For chronic pain that is related to interior organs, you can use cbd oil orally, take tablets or cbd gummies. For the right dosage, consult your doctor.

    Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

    hemp seed oil benefits for skin

    One of the causes for acne is when sebaceous glands overproduce sebum, which is oily secretion. Because of anti-inflammatory characteristic cbd oil can reduce sebum and be an effective cure for acne treatment. Also, it can be used as a prevention treatment due to a high percentage of omega fatty acid oil that does wonders for your skin.

    Benefits of Hemp Oil for Weight Loss

    Different scientific research (molecular biology and cellular biochemistry) showed that hemp oil is promoting the use of protein in your body and weight loss. As hemp oil is also suitable for hormonal balance, you can expect a decrease in food cravings, especially those relating to premenstrual syndrome.

    GLA or gamma-linoleic acid or omega 6 fatty acid has an essential part in overweight prevention. Hemp oil can contain 1-6 % of GLA, depending on a plant. Comparing testing of GLA and other supplements, showed that GLA is more successful in overweight prevention.

    As hemp oil is helpful for different psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety, it can also fight compulsory eating habits. If you are feeling good in your skin, you will for sure stop with an intake of comfort food. If you are addicted to food as a mood cure, you already know it is a vicious circle: eating implies feeling good, but also gaining weight and feeling bad. With hemp extract oil, you can get rid this addiction.

    If you want to read about the personal experiences of those who won the battle with weight gain, we suggest Alison’s and Ryan’s story as an excellent inspirational source.

    Hemp Oil Benefits for Arthritis

    There are two kinds of arthritis: rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that is autoimmune disease and Osteoarthritis (OA) that mainly attacks knees hips and thumb joints in older age. Various researches show that hemp extract oil can significantly relieve pain caused by arthritis, primarily OA as you can see in the 2014 review and 2017 study, but not RA.

    hemp oil benefits for arthritis

    As an excellent pain relief, cbd oil for arthritis can decrease the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, too, as people prefer to use natural medicament than chemical ones due to fewer side effects. So definitely, cbd oil can manage pain caused by arthritis, but it can’t cure the disease.

    We also must mention that the FDA approves only cbd oil treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy. Nevertheless, WHO- World Health Organization declares that CBD may be beneficial for chronic illnesses, including arthritis.

    Testimonies of people who are diagnosed with arthritis and find cbd oil beneficial have in common mentioning decreasing of the intensity of pain. If you want to read more about personal stories of arthritis patients.

    What Are the Side Effects of Hemp Oil?

    Again we want to emphasize the difference between marijuana and hemp plant because it is crucial to break the stereotypes about cbd oils and side effects. The most significant difference is that hemp has a low percentage of THC-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive substance that can get you high. All legal cannabidiol contains less than 3% of THC, and they are safe to purchase in most of the states in the USA, but you may need a medical prescription. World Health Organization in recent research from 2018 proved that there is no risk of addiction when you use cbd oil.


    One important warning – due to some cases of allergies it’s recommended to test a small quantity of cbd oil before you begin to use it. In some cases, hemp oil side effects manifest through diarrhea for those with a sensitive stomach, and usually, it occurs in the first days of consumption. Our advice if you know in advance that you have stomach issues is to try cbd oil during the weekend.

    If we omitted some hemp extract benefits or side effects that you experienced, we will appreciate if you share them in the comments below. For more exciting facts relating to hemp and physical activities, follow the link

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