Story Time with EPIKGO Hoverboard

    08 May 2020

    A company called EPICGO told about a few weeks ago “Oh, we created this new hoverboard! It’s like way more advanced, and we have a whole team working on it.” And you know, I’m curious.And that’s why I’ve decided to write a review for EPICGO hoverboard.


    I go in, open it up, excited to see it. From looking at it at the beginning, it doesn’t look too different than my hoverboard. I mean, it might be a little, it could be a little meatier. But it has the same buttons, the same look, and feel. Even the sound when you turn it on and off is the same sound. So I take it, and I ride it around. First, I leave the TechCrunch office. Security’s there. Security loves me, so, you know, hang out with them for a little bit. And then, we roll down, and we roll outside.

    Is hoverboard waterproof

    Now, this is where some real-world testing happens, and also, my sweet tricks. Got so many sweet tricks, baby. I got out there. Tricks and tricks, more tricks. Is this thing waterproof? I don’t know. They say it’s pretty rugged and I take it through some puddles. Luckily, it had been raining. And then I had an idea. I got the best idea ever. So, I got up there and took some awesome sweet shots of myself. This thing is very similar to other hoverboards.

    I mean, it’s like the same speed, like ten miles per hour. The battery lasts about an hour and a half, maybe. That’s what they told me. And then of course, like, other TechCrunchers, they wanna come and try it out. They come out on their bikes. I’m like, “No, this is a hoverboard zone only. Like, get with the program, bro”. And so, I kick them out of there. And then, more sweet tricks. I did so many sweet tricks that day. Ah, tricks are the best.

    Tricks, bros. Dude, we’re gonna do so many tricks! Like, I feel super cool when I’m doing tricks. Like everyone looks so impressed with me. I go around and just show people like, damn, Tito, you’re super cool. Then, we come into the office. You have to do the office chair test; it’s mandatory. Sit in there, ride all around the office, wreak havoc, fall over.

    That was the only significant fall of the day, surprisingly. Then go and compare it against the old hoverboard that we have laying around here. I also broke it. It’s broken now. The hoverboard’s broken. I wish it wasn’t, but I did too many sweet tricks throughout the day.


    tricks on a hoverboard

    Six hundred bucks, that’s what you wanna know. How much does a hoverboard from EPIKGO cost? It costs 600. How much do they cost on Amazon? They range. How explosive are they? They range in explosivity. Overall, it was an enjoyable day. I had a lot of fun. And I hope that they send me another one. Hoverboards are fun. They’re fun, but they’re also scary. Have you ever fallen on one? You get way too confident on them. You go fast, boom, you hit a wall, you fall over. It happened to me twice. If you’re interested in a hoverboard, this EPIKGO hoverboard is pretty much the same as all other hoverboards. So, you know, I give it a decent rating. The fad of hoverboards has passed. People don’t really care what brand it is or anything. But anyway, this was the EPIKGO. It’s cool.

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