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  • How to Increase Breast Size at Home?

    23 Jul 2020
    How to Increase Breast Size at Home?

    Your environment, genetic makeup, and lifestyle determine the shape and size of your breasts. During puberty, these mammary glands go through extensive changes. During these adolescent years, the activities you take part in may prove to be a dominant factor in determining what your breast shape and size will be.

    Supplements, exercises, and creams for breast enlargement have not proven to work on everyone. The results differ from person to person. If you want to modify the appearance of your breasts, there are some simple bigger boobs workout and exercises that you can try out at home. Most of these exercises to increase breast size have shown results within weeks. You will not require any specific equipment, nor will you require any other gear.

    Is it possible to increase breast size

    Different Kinds of Push Ups

    There are different types of push-ups and exercises for bigger boobs. We will talk about the ones that will help you modify or enhance your breasts.


    Stand one foot away from a vertical wall and place the palms of your hands on the wall. Make sure that your hands are right in front of your chest so that both are at the same height. Slowly move your hope torso towards the wall so that your forehead touches the surface of the wall, and then move back to your original position with the same pace. Repeat the exercise for breast growth ten to fifteen times.


    An elevated push-up is a variation of the normal push-up. In this exercise for breasts, you will need to place your upper body on an elevated surface like a bench or a stool. Place your legs on the floor like you normally would and elevate the upper portion of your body. Once this setup has been achieved you can start your push-ups. Repeat it at 10 to 15 times a day for the best results.


    Adapted push-ups are mainly deviations of normal, traditional push-ups. You can use accessories like a bench or dumbbells. Push-ups strengthen your upper body and make your torso and chest muscles firm and strong. You can try out different types of push-ups. Start with easier ones and once your upper body feels a little strong you can move on to the tougher kinds.

    What Exercises You Can Do For Chest Enlargement?

    Breast enhancement exercises are meant to strengthen and add structure to your chest muscles. These workouts can directly affect the shape and size of your breasts. The different variants of chest exercise can be used to tone and enlarge your breasts.

    Chest Dips

    You can try out chest dips at the gym as well as at home. Usually, gyms have a special setup installed for exercises for bigger breasts like chest dips. At home, you can use simple equipment like chairs or edges of two tables as the handles when you practice your dips. Make sure you do not do too many at once as it can lead to damage.

    Chest Press

    Which yoga is best for increasing breast size

    It is best to practice chest pressed at a gym. A trainer can guide you with the steps and gauge how many sets you need to achieve your desired goals. To do chest press you have to lay down in your back and lift weights with both your hands. There are several variations of this exercise and with each variation, the instructions change as well. The main objective of the chest presses us to broaden and strengthen your chest muscles and tone the structure.

    Chest Fly

    Chest fly will make your upper body firm and strong. You can try this out with or without weights. You will have you hold out your arms, parallel to your shoulders. Move them in slowly and then move them out. Mimic the movement of wings. Slowly move your arms in front of you and then stretch them back out in their original position.

    Various Alternatives

    Dumbbell Flyes

    You will have to lay down flat and use dumbbells. You can also use heavy objects like water bottles if you are trying the exercise at home. Once you have equal weight in both your hands you will have to move your arms out and then move them back in and return to the original position. This movement will be in the shape of the wing movement. You can view several videos and tutorials on different websites to understand how to do chest fly.

    How to Increase Breast Size at Home

    Palm Pressing

    Palm Pressing is a simple exercise for breast enlargement that you can try out at any hour of the day. Join your palms, facing each other, in front of your chest, and start pressing your palms against each other. It may not sound like much but the exercise is efficient and does an excellent job of toning your breast muscles.

    Arm Circles

    For arm circles, you have to stretch your arms out and rotate them in a circular motion, clockwise and anticlockwise. You can try this exercise to increase bust size.

    Final Word

    Breast enlargement exercises have helped several women all across the world. These bigger breast workouts can be used not only to enlarge your boobs but you can also give them a nice and firm shape to make them look attractive. Exercising your chest muscles is a good way to stay in shape.

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