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  • Know All About Creatine and Its Shelf Life

    11 Nov 2020
    Know All About Creatine and Its Shelf Life

    Most of us buy creatine in bulk before even inquiring about creatine expiration. It is only after months do we realize that a lot of the stuff is sitting on your shelf while we are probably wondering does creatine go bad. And trust us, it happens to literally every one of us. But do not worry, we have brought to you an article that is going to enlighten all about it.

    Creatine is an organic supplement that can be found in various species. They help in gaining energy for both the body and brain. However, remember that this article is not written by any licensed doctor or specialist and is articulated for educational purposes only. Keep reading until the end to avoid missing out on anything.

    Can Expired Creatine Make You Sick

    Creatine is also produced by your body. So it is no foreign substance. It is one of the amino acids. Creatine supplements are used to increase the level of phosphocreatine, which supplies the body with energy once it is depleted after an exercise session.

    People who train their bodies with extreme activities are often in need of extra creatine, which can be achieved in this way. It also helps in improving cell signaling. Among all the varieties, the monohydrate one is the most famous kind and popularly used. You may also opt for pre workout without creatine.

    How Long Does Creatine Last?

    Let us hit the bullโ€™s eye with a more basic question-does creatine expire? Well, yes, it does. This brings us to determining creatine shelf life. Most stores bought products will tell you that the supplements expire within two or three years of manufacturing. However, studies worldwide state that they are capable of lasting much longer than that. However, this does not give you the license to just pick up an age-old creatine and consume. There is more to it.

    Creatine converted into creatinine is not as potent as the raw form and hardly offers the same benefits. Creatine monohydrate does not break down into waste products too easily, which extends their shelf life automatically. Even at high temperatures, it is difficult to break the stable formula of these. Studies show that these begin to decay only after four years.

    Does Creatine Monohydrate Expire?

    What Does Creatine Do

    People often asking can creatine go bad or does creatine monohydrate expire, do so because it is the most sought after product. It has gained unbelievable popularity in the market. Being the most stable compound, it does stand the test of time way longer than your whey protein, but you cannot expect it to extend years after years. It begins to go bad on the brink of about 4 years. Looks for fungus and mold could develop from bad storing before you dig into an old pack of monohydrates.

    How to Know If Creatine Has Expired?

    There are certain signs you need to look out for in order to check if your pack batch has gone bad or can you still use it.

    1. Lumpy: moisture can form lumps in your pack. If you spot such consistency in your powder, make sure you do away with it.
    2. Discolored: spots or discoloration can be a sign of stale creatine. Check carefully and if you find something like this, discard your pack.
    3. Smelly: if your creatine gives out a strong, pungent smell, it could be a vital sign of an already gone bad stuff. Try to recall the smell when you had first bought it and tally with the present odor. If you notice a significant change, throw it away.

    Dangers of Taking Expired Creatine

    The formula of creatine monohydrate is made that it is safe to consume but taking an expired one can have some consequences.

    If it has become a little lumpy due to a little moisture, it is safe to consume it but look for molds and fungus as they thrive in damp. In that case, however, you may face some serious health problems. However, too much moisture of exposure to air will potentially damage it.

    Strong odor and changed color are not to be compromised with. These may indicate the growth of bacteria.

    Ways to Prevent Creatine From Expiring

    Honestly, there is nothing you can do prevent any food product from expiring, but you can definitely extend its shelf life by taking some precautions:

    what is creatine
    • Store properly.
    • Do not expose it too much to moisture or air.
    • Keep it away from direct sunlight.

    Final Word

    We hope we have satiated all your questions like does creatine powder expire and how to detect it. Now get that old pack out of the cabinet and use it up. Do not forget to double-check if it is still worth consumption. Enjoy your supplement before or after a workout and aim for a great body.

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