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    Do Posture Correctors Really Work?

    04 Feb 2020
    Do Posture Correctors Really Work?

    Our lifestyles are increasingly changing. We spend a lot of time working on computers at work and even at home. Did you know spending lots of time in front of the computer could affect your posture? Yes, that’s 100% true. That’s why health professionals are always asking us to take part in outdoor activities like exercising and games. These activities will increase the muscle tone of muscles responsible for your pose hence improving posture.

    So maintaining a healthy posture does not require you to sacrifice much. Does it?

    What happens if you slouch too much or are suffering from recurring back pains? You will need to learn how to keep your back straight. And how do you do that? You need to figure out ways to improve posture.

    So, do posture correctors work? Keep on reading to find out.

    How do Posture Correctors Work?

    The mechanics of how posture correctors or back braces work are very simple. Improving your posture requires the best posture correctors to hold your backs straight in a fixed position. The fixed positioning of your back provides you with posture help by preventing you from slouching or hunching your shoulders.

    Your muscles will be pulled back into their original position. Wearing a back brace can be uncomfortable in the beginning but it is also one of the easiest ways of how to correct posture.

    Do posture braces work? Yes. Many people wonder how to have better posture with braces – the best back braces have been clinically tested and proven that they are 100% effective.

    Who Should Wear the Posture Corrector?

    Who should wear the posture corrector

    Posture correctors can be worn by people for different reasons. Many people are searching for ‘how to fix your posture’ on Google. These are people who often slouch or hunch their shoulders. Posture correctors can also be worn by people experiencing constant back pains. The braces help them maintain a straight back, therefore, relieving back pains.

    Why Do You Need to Wear the Posture Corrector?

    So, why have you finally decided to wear the posture corrector? The answer to this does seem straight forward. Right? The answer is indeed simple. You either want to improve posture or correct your pose.

    Have you ever wondered why is good posture important? Poor postures negatively affect your health. Poor posture can;

    • Make it difficult for you to breathe.
    • Weaken your spine making your spine injury prone.
    • Decrease the flexibility of your spine and body.
    • Negatively affect your physical balance making it easier for you to fall.
    • Cause back, neck, and shoulder problems.
    • Negatively affect the movement of your joints.
    • Make it difficult for your digestive system to properly digest your food.
    • Misalign your locomotor system.

    The points briefly mentioned above showcase the seriousness of why posture correction is important. Now, let’s dig deeper into some of the benefits of wearing posture correctors.

    Relief from back and neck pain

    1. Back Pain Relief

    Did you know that throughout the course of their lives, about 80% of people experience lower back pain? This goes to show that back pain problems are universal. One could argue that back pain problems are a result of uncomfortable chairs. Due to hectic work lives, people rarely get the chance to stretch out their torso muscles and relax.

    When your back muscles fail to carry your weight, your body compensates by shifting that weight to other body parts resulting in poor body poses.

    Wondering how to improve my posture? Using a back brace will work wonders on your body. Some users of back braces have reported immediate back pain relief after using the braces for a few days. A back brace helps you straighten your spine thus distributing your weight evenly on your back. With your weight evenly distributed on your back, your lower back now has some of its burden relieved.

    As a result of the pressure placed on your lower back that had caused you pain disappears.

    2. Improve Energy Levels in Your Body

    You’re probably wondering how poor body posture affects your overall body energy levels? All our body processes are linked to the overall health of your body. If one part of your body isn’t healthy as expected, it affects the overall performance of your entire body. In our case, poor body posture adversely affects body posture.

    how to keep your back straight

    We have all gone through that one day where we really aren’t feeling it. The vibe is gone. How did your workday proceed on that day? Your day probably felt longer than you are used to. If you have a problem with your pose, you probably have experienced several days such as this. So, how does body posture affect energy levels?

    Medical studies have proven that proper alignment of your spine greatly impacts the distribution of energy throughout your body.

    3. Improved Breathing

    To better explain this point, how about we conduct a simple physical experiment. Okay. Are you ready? Start by slouching your back and hunching your shoulders down. Now try breathing in heavily. Does your breathing seem normal or do you find it a little bit labored? Now, sit upright and take in a deep breath. Was your breathing labored or did you feel more relaxed? Repeat the process to get a better feeling of your body.

    Now that you’re done, how would you describe your breathing with your posture upright and with your posture crooked? You could notice that there were significant changes in your breathing. While you were slouched and hunching your shoulders your breathing felt labored, as if your lungs were not receiving enough air? Well, the truth is your lungs were not getting filled with air.

    Poor postures close up your airways affecting the amount of air you breathe in. Limited air means limited oxygen in your bloodstream and in your brain. This is the reason why you always feel low on energy because your muscles have been deprived of sufficient oxygen needed for them to perform at their optimum.

    healthy posture

    4. Boosts Self-Esteem

    You know of Superman right? Ever seen his pose where he places his fists on his hips and his chest is raised? That’s one awesome pose, right? No wonder that pose is known as the superhero pose. If you were Superman about to take on Brainiac, and you were in the superhero pose, do you think you could take Brainiac down?

    Look at the most confident people in your life? How is their posture? If you cannot think of one, take a look at a video of a TED Talk speaker. How is their posture? Their posture is upright. Right? Scientists have backed up the fact that upright postures or power postures have an immediate effect on your confidence and self-esteem.

    This posture decreases your fear giving you a commanding appearance, that makes others automatically respect you. The respect you receive boosts your confidence in your self and self-esteem. Your work life and personal life, therefore, receive a boost since you are more outspoken and daring to face life.

    5. Stress Reduction

    You rarely find people advising you that one of the ways to reduce stress levels is to improve your posture. Well, here, we highly recommend you work for a healthy posture to reduce stress. This will highly influence your overall mental health. Remember we mentioned that an upright pose improves your confidence and self-esteem. Do you agree that a more confident person is less likely to be stressed than a less confident person?

    An upright pose ensures you remain in control and are calm. This then decreases cortisol levels in your body. For those of you who practice yoga, have you ever wondered why meditation requires an upright posture? Now you know.

    When can you See the Effect of Wearing a Posture Corrector

    ways to improve posture

    Some users of posture correctors have reported an immediate improvement in how they breathe and how they walk. An improvement in your posture will be witnessed after a few weeks or even as long as 6 months. You need to remember that it took some time for your posture to get crooked. Changing muscle memory takes some time.

    You can, however, speed the process by regularly wearing your posture corrector. You can couple this with posture exercises such as planks and stretches.

    Remember, your aim is to correct your posture not become reliant on your back brace. Don’t wear it for long periods of time.

    How to Wear a Back Brace

    How to wear a back brace is an easy enough question. Good thing everything comes with a ‘how to use’ user guide. We, therefore, don’t have to try and figure everything out ourselves. All you have to do wrap the brace around your back and connect the two ends together. Adjust the tightness according to how comfortable the brace feels. Before you get used to the back brace it will be uncomfortable for the first few days.

    Final Word

    You now have everything you need to know on how to get better posture at your fingertips. The process on how to improve your posture will take some time so we recommend you be patient. It will take time for the muscles that have been affected to grow back.

    Check out the following yoga exercises that will help you improve your posture here at

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