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  • Everything You Need to Know About Deca vs Tren

    22 Oct 2020
    Everything You Need to Know About Deca vs Tren

    Deca vs Tren has always been an ongoing debate between fitness lovers. Although both have their own pros, cons, and side effects, you need to dig deeper to find the best fit for your health. In case you are planning to use any of these steroids, make sure to keep reading!

    This article is written only for informational purposes and does not contain any medical advice in it. When taken in excess Deca Tren cycle is fatal for human health. Therefore, itโ€™s highly recommended that you consult a physician before taking any of the two steroids.

    What is Deca?

    Deca, also known as nandrolone decanoate, is a chemical compound available in crystalline powder form. Itโ€™s color varies from white to light yellow. Deca is great for reducing the recuperation time in-between exercises and is often preferred a lot by athletes.

    what is trenbolone steroid


    • Has a much less harmful impact on the liver than other steroids. This helps it to win against Deca vs Eq as well.
    • Known for improving body resistance, weight gain, and muscle mass.
    • Deca is stronger than Tren in enhancing the recuperation span in-between workouts.
    • Due to its lower levels of aromatisation, athletes allergic to estrogenic smell โ€“ find this steroid more comfortable.

    What is Tren?

    Tren, also known as trenbolone acetate, is an anabolic and androgen based steroid which is used for both humans as well as veterinary medical purposes. Itโ€™s injected in the muscles to promote intensive muscle growth. This drug is quite popular among athletes.


    • Capable of increasing the red blood cells count in the body.
    • Due to the increase in red blood cells, the blood oxygenation also increases.
    • Improves muscular endurance, thereby enhancing the rate of recovery.
    • Inhibits major glucocorticoids like cortisol.

    Deca vs Tren Comparison

    Tren and Deca differ from each other on a very wide range.

    The only similarity between them is that both the steroids need to be injected and are mostly used for muscle building.

    A few basic differences between them are listed in the table below:

    Approval Approved by FDA for treating anemia. Never approved for human use.
    Action time Slow-acting and one cycle lasts for around 14 weeks. Fast-acting and one cycle lasts for around 6 to 8 weeks.
    Testosterone suppression It is a mild testosterone steroid. It is a stronger testosterone suppressor.
    Suitability for women It is suitable for women at a dosage of 100 mg for two weeks. It is not suitable for women because of the high level of androgen.

    The other major differences related to Tren vs Deca are discussed further.

    what is nandrolone decanoate steroid (deca)


    Comparatively, trenbolone is more versatile as a steroid than decanoate. It helps the users to gain 20 lbs muscle within a single cycle. Deca durabolin is milder and less versatile when it comes to muscle building. Deca and Tren together show more versatility.

    Heart-Related Side Effects

    Decanoate doesnโ€™t cause a huge threat to your heart. However, taking 600 mg per week for a continuous 10 weeks causes a 26% decrease in the level of HDL cholesterol. On the other hand, trenbolone is a very harsh steroid for the heart and increases blood pressure.

    Androgenic Side Effects

    Trenbolone is a highly androgenic steroid with a rating of 500 compared to decanoate whose androgenic rating is 37. That is why side effects like oily skin, hair loss, acne, and enlarged prostate are observed using trenbolone.

    Psychological Effects

    Decanoate has minor psychological effects and often helps in fighting depression. In contrast, the rush of adrenaline offered by trenbolone causes euphoria and other psychological disturbances. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners choose Tren a between Tren E vs Tren A.

    Effects on Sex Life

    Decanoate has a low amount of DHT, which often gives rise to a problem called โ€˜Deca dick.โ€™ This is associated with erectile dysfunction; therefore, trenbolone wins here against decanoate.

    injection for bulking


    Both the steroids are non-estrogenic and raise progesterone levels in the body. As high progesterone is known for causing breast issues, therefore, there are chances of facing gyno when using these steroids.

    Tren and Deca Alternatives

    The two most trusted steroid alternatives of Deca and Tren are decaduro and trenorol. They are approved by the FDA and manufactured by Crazy Bulk. It is recommended that you order these steroids from the online market instead of trusting some shady drug dealer.


    We hope this article was able to help you know a lot about Deca vs Tren so that you can decide what suits your needs the best. So, which of the above-mentioned steroids will you start taking soon? Do tell us in the comments to the article.

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