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  • Great calisthenics chest exercises for your calisthenics chest routine

    03 Aug 2020
    Great calisthenics chest exercises for your calisthenics chest routine

    How does it feel to have a plan on going to the gym early in the morning, only to find yourself waking up very late? Disappointing right? Well, it can also be pretty devastating—especially when the gym has a specific time frame it opens during the morning hours.

    Even though you’re unable to catch up with the gym, there is still a perfect solution that can help you build that abs that you have always dreamed of. Yes! You can find the answer in calisthenics chest workout!

    Through calisthenics chest workout, you can now exercise from the comfort of your home without missing the gym a bit. And in this article, we shall be exposing you to everything you need to know about calisthenics chest workout to help give you that perfect, healthy, and muscular body. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

    To begin with, since this article deals more with practicality, we shall start by letting you know the theoretical aspect of calisthenics exercises before we delve into the practical part.

    how do i build my lower chest

    If you’re a calisthenics chest workout beginner, you might be asking yourself this question: what are calisthenic exercises? Well, the answer is not far-fetched. Calisthenics exercises are the forms of physical exercises that focus on teaching you how to master your bodyweight with little or no workout equipment. They involve pushing, bending, pulling, and swaying the body in diverse ways to get a desired body form or shape.

    Some of the best calisthenics exercises include: push-ups, squats, pull-ups, planks, lunges, dips, among other types.

    If you’re the type who is more focused on chest calisthenics, then you have to be very concerned about your chest muscles, which consist of distinct groups that include:

    • Pectoralis major;
    • Pectoralis minor;
    • Subclavius;
    • Serratus anterior.

    Among the aforementioned four groups, the largest and most crucial for your calisthenics chest exercises is the pectoralis major, which shall be our major focus here.

    The pectoral major specifically enables you to perform the pushing motion, while the pulling motion is aided by the opposite muscles on the back. But first, you must understand how your muscle works before beginning the calisthenics for chest.

    The pectoral muscles aid the following motion during any of your such chest exercises:

    • Addiction: Here, the clavicular and sternal heads work together when your arms are lifted to the side and lowered to the anatomical position.
    • Extension or Flexion: This has to do with when the clavicular head flexes and sternal head extends when you stretch your arm forward.
    • Medial Rotation: This happens when your arm is bent inwards to the center of your body.

    When you do the above movements during your calisthenics chest routine, it can easily help you achieve muscle hypertrophy. Here’s the kicker; you can also make it more effective by noting the following:

    • To enable you to deliver an optimal stimulus during descent within 3-4 seconds, you need to maintain time under tension. So, why not get a timer to keep track of time whenever you work out. If you’re confused about how to create a workout plan, you can view the articles available on this topic on our website.
    • Providing a balanced growth of your muscle fibers can be achieved by performing a full range of motion.
    • You can build strength and agility in the positive phase of your workout by engaging explosive power.

    Calisthenics Chest Workout Formula

    To achieve the best result for your calisthenics workout, you must pay attention to some integral factors or routine. Below are those factors:

    Warming Up: Why is It Very Compulsory?

    The best pre workout plan that you must not take with levity is warming up before exercising. Have you ever wondered why a lot of people stopped exercising after a few minutes of starting a workout session? Yeah! Your guessed right—they hardly warm up!

    To avoid this, we’ve selected some of the best warm-up exercises that you can do before starting. You should endeavor to use the first 10-15 minutes of your time to alternate between the various warm-up exercises below, before diving into the workout proper. Some warming up routines you could consider:

    inner chest workout
    • Double arm behind the back;
    • Push-ups;
    • Elbow grips behind the back;
    • Above the head chest stretch;
    • Band pull apart;
    • Arm circles;
    • Side-lying parallel;
    • Arm chest stretch.

    3 Effective Calisthenics Workouts

    Kindly note that there are countless calisthenics exercises that you can conveniently choose from. But here, we are going to be sharing with you the best out of them which will help keep you fit and bring out that abs you’ve always wanted!

    • Push-ups

    Is there anyone who hasn’t done push-ups at some point in their lives? We doubt that! Push-ups are definitely at the top spot of best calisthenics workouts that are out there. It’s the ideal exercise for the upper chest calisthenics workout.

    Push-ups are of different types and their main targets are usually the chest, core, back, and triceps. They can be challenging when you do them on your own. But they can be more challenging when you use devices like stability balls, gym rings, push-up bars, or medicine balls. There’s also the plyometric push-up that helps to give you explosive agility.

    • Chest dips on parallel bars

    This is another good exercise for your chest muscles and triceps. Chest dips can be performed on gym rings or dip bars — it all depends on the device that you are working with.

    • Bodyweight ring fly

    Also known as the butterfly, a bodyweight ring fly is a form of exercise that helps to strengthen and stabilize your muscles. A gymnastic ring or TRX system and an object to hang it on are what you need to achieve this exercise.

    To begin this, you have to be in the push-up position with your arm spread out like a fly, after which you’ll use your pectoral muscles to push your way back to the beginning while using your device.

    Calisthenics Workouts: Is It All You Need to Build Chest Muscles?

    Absolutely! But you need to incorporate other elements like a good diet, rest, and training for the best result.


    What are calisthenic exercises

    Over the years, even before the advancement in technology and gym equipment, there are diverse ways that people have adopted to maintain a muscular and healthy body — and calisthenics exercises are one of them. Now, you don’t have to worry about missing the gym when you have everything you need to maintain a fit body in calisthenics!

    We hope that you’ve been able to learn a lot from this article. If you need more information, kindly leave them in the comments section below, alongside your questions (if you have any). You can also share your experiences with us at; we’ll be more than happy to hear from you!

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