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    16 Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

    05 Aug 2019
    16 Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

    Before starting your workout regime, you need to decide the kind of exercises, how many reps a day, and how many minutes to rest. There is so much information out there and many supplements about bodybuilding that confuse many beginners. If you wonder how to start bodybuilding, remember that the hardest step is to stop thinking and just hit the gym.

    Factors Affecting Muscle Growth

    People workout for different reasons, but if you want to know how to get muscles fast, you should understand how muscle growth works. There are 3 muscle boosters:

    Mechanical tension

    Mechanical Tension

    The only way to grow muscles is by resistance training. As you continue increasing resistance, your muscles continue growing. You can start by lifting weights or trying a resistance band. There are many tips for gaining muscles, but experts recommend mechanical tension. According to research, tension disturbs the tissues and causes changes such as growth and physical strength. Choose exercises that involve weight lifting and keep increasing the weights along the way. Don’t forget about the rest between reps. An increase in tension leads to growth.

    Metabolic stress

    Metabolic Stress

    Many people want to learn how to get into bodybuilding but don’t know where to start. Apart from weight lifting, one can utilize metabolic stress and this way develop lean mass. Consider useful bodybuilding tips and tricks such as doing exercises that involve moderate or high repetitions for increasing metabolic stress. To promote muscle growth, do a rep without resting. High-intensity training for short periods such as 45 minutes can cause metabolic stress, which leads to muscle growth. Try exercises that increase intensity as you go or those that stay the same, for instance, hip thrusts. You can also try exercises that decrease in intensity as you go, for instance, squats but remember to use a resistance band.

    Muscle damage

    Muscle Damage

    As traumatic as it sounds, muscle damage is not something you should worry about. This is the soreness you feel after an intense workout. Although muscle damage can help in the growth of the lean mass, too much can be counterproductive. One of the most useful bodybuilding tips is giving your body enough time to heal.

    16 Bodybuilding Tips for Faster Muscle Growth

    There is a lot of information and bodybuilding tips out there, but some might not be effective. That’s why we gathered these 16 useful bodybuilding tips for beginners.

    Begin with Free Weights

    1. Begin with Free Weights

    The most important fitness tip for beginners: stop rushing. Focus on dumbbells to start your bodybuilding regime and then increase weights and intensity with time. The best way on how to get into bodybuilding and keep making gains is to add weights to your workout continually. You might include many sets in your workout routine, but if you don’t incorporate strength training, there won’t be any change.

    The only way for growing your muscles is to keep adding weight as you outgrow the ones you use daily. If you find it challenging, you can try other workouts such as supersets, which will boost your potential.

    2. Try Multiple Sets

    Different people use a variety of bodybuilding tips, but most believe in the ‘one rep to failure’ strategy. They believe that lifting one set to failure promotes muscle growth; they do this by exhausting their muscles. Although this can increases the growth, it could cause drawbacks if one does it for every set.

    Train Multiple Muscles atOnce

    3. Train Multiple Muscles at Once

    The fastest way for changes is by utilizing exercises that work at least 2 muscles at once. Experts recommend bodybuilding tips that target several muscle groups at a go, such as compound exercises. These workouts allow you to find a balance between exercises and rest periods.

    4. Stick to Your Routine

    Some bodybuilding tips, such as sticking to a plan, are obvious. This helps in understanding how to train for bodybuilding because you cannot start an exercise without a plan. Discipline is the only way to stick to your plan and achieve your long-term goals.

    5. Take a Break

    You might come across several beginners guide to bodybuilding, but some don’t have useful information. Your program should include 3 or 4 workouts in a week. It gives your muscles ample time to heal and grow. You can also try the best muscle recovery supplement of your preference.

    Fuel the Body for Growth

    6. Fuel the Body for Growth

    Many people follow all the tips for gaining muscles but forget the most important one: diet. It doesn’t matter how much weight you lift if you don’t eat the right food before workout; it will all be in vain. Food tips for bodybuilding are easy to remember; for instance, carbohydrates are crucial because they provide energy. Proteins, on the other hand, help build lean mass.

    7. Switch Between Muscles

    Create a checklist of all the muscle groups you intend to train. Exercise a different group each week. Too little or too much exercise will not help achieve your goals. Follow your plan because men and women work different muscles.

    8. Full-Body and Split Training

    Some coaches believe that full-body training is the best way to build muscles faster, while other trainers think that focusing on a single group each week is the best strategy. To reap the full benefits, alternate between those 2 strategies. Bodybuilding tips for men, in this case, include training either a chest and triceps or a back and biceps each week alternatively. Do allow time for healing.

    Master Each Routine

    9. Master Each Routine

    Visiting a gym is exciting but focus on mastering your exercises and not trying to gauge how much you can lift. One of the best bodybuilding tips for women is to not compete with men as their metabolisms are different. Master the routine so you can train effortlessly.

    10. Understand What Works for You

    Although some workouts might work for certain people, they might not work for you. The only way to find out what works is experimenting and sticking to those that suit you. Although studies rely on the outcomes of other people, they rarely consider individual results. Test different exercises because there is no tailor-made exercise that fits all people.

    11. Practice Caution

    One of the bodybuilding tips that one should remember is to practice caution when handling weights. Invest in workout gear for protection, especially when you decide to work with heavier weights. Wrist wraps, powerlifting belts and knee sleeves protect you from injury. You might not experience any problems at first, but it is better to prevent any injuries in the future.

    Eat Often

    12. Eat Often

    The most effective tips beginners guide to bodybuilding is eating at least 4 meals a day with a break of 3 hours. Try not to stay hungry, eat more calories than you burn to increase your muscles. This does not only work in the gym but also in your occupation. If you have an office job, you don’t need as many calories compared to a construction worker.

    13. Stay Away from Junk

    Although you need to eat often, you should avoid junk food because it’s harmful to your body. This food will cause weight gain in terms of fat and not muscles. Consider healthy alternatives such as lean meat and proteins, as well as healthy fats and carbohydrates. Sweets and fried foods will slow down the process of gaining lean mass. Most beginners are confused and don’t know which foods to consume.

    14. Fruits and Vegetables are Your Friends

    Eating carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are essential for gaining mass; however, these do not provide enough macronutrients. You need minerals, vitamins, and fiber from fruits and vegetables. These food types are not only delicious and refreshing, but they are healthy and provide vitamins that boost the production of testosterone, which helps in muscle gain. Although multivitamins are effective, ensure that you consume fruits daily.

    Vegetables, on the other hand, are useful because they have low calories, which take the body longer to digest. This factor makes vegetables one of the ideal foods to build lean mass. Vegetables keep you full longer without having to consume carbohydrates, which are full of calories. Ensure that at least ½ of your plate contains vegetables for each meal.

    Think Like a Sportsman

    15. Think Like a Sportsman

    Athletes change their lifestyles and adopt healthy living. Their lives reflect their choices; for instance, they quit harmful habits such as smoking, which is dangerous for their bodies. They also eat healthily and don’t skip workouts; however hard they might be.

    16. Sleep

    We know you want the changes fast, but hitting the gym every day won’t help. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep helps your muscles to recover and grow. Another reason to adhere to this tip is the less one sleeps, the more his lean mass decreases.


    Muscle building takes dedication and patience; however, various strategies can help speed the process. Working out at least 3 times a week and eating right are some of the most effective strategies. You can also visit for professional help. How do you maintain your lean mass? Please share your tips with us.

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