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    How to Find the Best Yoga Videos

    07 Oct 2019
    How to Find the Best Yoga Videos

    You can watch and practice the move from your home. Apart from the free yoga online videos, you can personalize your search to the type of exercises you want. You also get to choose your instructors and the venue for practicing. Some classes take up to an hour for yoga lovers, while others are at least 20 minutes long. This practice has become popular over the years as more people continue to understand its benefits. With so many yoga instructors, you can easily get confused, that is why we reviewed some of them below.

    YouTube Yoga with Adriene

    This is a popular channel among the yogis where you find numerous yoga videos by Adriene Mishler, who is the host. She teaches viewers different forms, for instance, yoga for beginners, for weight loss, and even anxiety.

    About this Channel

    YouTube yoga with Adriene has over 3.2 subscribers, and more people continue to join the group. Online yoga classes have simple instructions, which are easy to follow, unlike others where you have to spend hours trying to comprehend. The practitioner focuses on stretching, healing, breathing, and pain relief. She teaches people how to connect body, mind, and spirit as opposed to doing hard poses.

    Our Thoughts

    What makes this channel an oustanding online choice for many people is that the instructor helps you to bury your stress as you continue to exercise. Adriene is a great instructor because she is not only charming, but she has videos that suit everyone. She guides you in a friendly manner and with no rush.

    Videos covering different topics such as pains, bloating, and even anxiety to help you lead a comfortable life are available. The comment section under her channel has praises for the work that she does, and some people also confess of coming out of depression.

    Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Yoga is not only for grownups or people experiencing pain. Kids can also enjoy this experience in a way that engages them. Yoga Videos for kids are easy to follow, and the whole family can join in the fun. Kids are not known to stay in one place; however, cosmic kids yoga catches their attention with bright colors and stories. The instructor tells kids’ stories as they continue with the procedure.

    About this Channel

    This channel offers the best moves for kids with different themes, for instance, frozen, spider-man, and other characters from kids’ shows. These exercises teach children simple stretching to improve their posture and attitude.

    Our Thoughts

    Cosmic kids yoga is excellent for you, especially if you are always preoccupied. You can do your chores or work from home while your child engages in productive activity. This channel is not only about exercising, but it also teaches kids to be humble and considerate towards others. There are also programs for children with anxiety and ADHD, which teaches them to calm down.

    Yoga With Tim

    Tim Senesi is the host of this channel and posts a new video every week. Their free yoga videos range from beginner to complex. Both young and old can find a video that suits them on this channel. You will find the Vinyasa yoga workout video valuable for your mind and body.

    About this Channel

    You find plenty of yoga classes for beginners, yoga for weight loss, advanced poses. This channel focuses on body movements and alignment. The positions are slow yet productive; here, you find the best yoga videos to boost your physique and stamina. Exercise videos take different durations, and you are free to select whichever you like.

    Our Take

    We think that this channel provides excellent videos for beginners, professionals, and anybody who loves yoga. These techniques will not only transform your thoughts and body but your whole life. The good thing about exercising with Tim is that you find interesting workouts; for instance, a 30-day challenge. You also receive advice and nutritious recipes.

    Fightmaster Yoga

    This channel offers the best yoga video for beginners and other interested parties. There is a comprehensive and simple free online yoga video for you as you begin your journey. There are also videos for those who practice their moves daily.

    About the Channel

    There a number of videos like beginners, advanced, weight loss and even Vinyasa on this channel. The instructor has the videos in categories to make it easier for you to navigate and choose whichever you want. Ashtanga online yoga classes have their groups based on duration. What makes this an excellent channel to find the best yoga videos is that there are also meditation guidelines.

    Our Take

    Leslie, who manages this channel, talks you through the positions and offer advice if you find it challenging. We believe this is among the best YouTube channels is that there are unique props to demonstrate how to practice different exercises. We suggest this channel for you because it does not only strengthen your body, but meditation heals your mind and opens you to new possibilities.


    Tara Stiles, the founder of this channel, was once a model who is now an instructor. She offers the best classes for yoga online for people of all ages and nations. Tara is one of the first instructors to upload a YouTube video and gain a lot of followers and views. She records her yoga classes in her studio in New York.

    About the Channel

    This channel offers a variety of exciting classes because Tara hires different instructors who have unique ways of teaching. You can find the best yoga videos according to whichever instructor you like. Unlike other yoga studios where you pay a large sum for fees, here you only pay $10.

    Our Thoughts

    We think that you should give this a try because the instructor does not require you chant or try to impose her religion on you. If you want to lose weight, there are videos for you. Although some practitioners criticize her, many global fans continue to praise her through good reviews and letters.

    My Name Is Jessamyn

    Jessamyn Stanley, the hostess of this channel, is also an activist who believes that anybody can do yoga. She helps people to love their bodies, which improve their self-esteem. She has a lot of followers on Instagram, where she shares poses and advice.

    About the Channel

    Jessamyn offers free yoga videos to promote a positive attitude towards all body types. She was once depressed and hated her body; however, yoga helped her to overcome this negativity. She uses her channel to help people, especially those considered overweight to do simple and advanced poses.

    Our Thoughts

    We think that this is among the best yoga YouTube channels because unlike other channels where there are only fit people, here you find all body types. This channel is all about spreading positivity and accepting yourself. Many people love Jessamyn because she takes her time when offering inspirational talks to her viewers.

    Pregnancy Yoga | Episode 1 | Tonic

    Prenatal yoga focuses on physical challenges brought about by pregnancy, for instance, back pain. These exercises deal with aches and strengthen your back, legs, and abs for a smooth birth. It also helps in relaxation during labor and delivery.

    About the Channel

    This is a new lifestyle You Tube channel managed by women. Their goal is helping expectant women to have healthier and fulfilling lives. Tammy does a video series with useful tips to help you during your journey.

    Our Thoughts

    You should consider these moves because they strengthen both your body and mind. Beginner, don’t have to worry because these moves are easy and beneficial. This is also an excellent alternative for those with complicated pregnancies.

    Indea Yoga

    Indea means inner light, which means that it activates your inner light and peace. These exercises are suitable for everybody. Bharath Shetty, the instructor, was interested in this practice from an early age after it helped him control his chronic asthma.

    About the Channel

    The programs are well organized, which makes it easy to practice, and they detox your body and thoughts. Bharath uses his channel to spread the benefits of this practice to the world. His moves help people of all ages and the ailing.

    Our Take

    This channel offers insights into the practice by offering different classes. These moves help to beat insomnia, promote health, relaxation, and mental health. The good thing about these moves is that they are simple such as breathing, meditating, and correct posture.


    Brett Larkin, the instructor, uses her channel to teach different audience in various locations. For instance, she shows you simple stretches you can do in your car and living room. This instructor makes the moves effortless by using positive words to encourage her viewers.

    About the Channel

    This channel is excellent for beginners and experts because of the simplified moves. Brett explains how to breathe and move in her unique sessions. She helps the viewers learn at their own pace.

    Our Take

    This channel is ideal for everybody, especially those with busy lives. Her well-organized materials enable you to skip or rewind the content. The program helps you to incorporate this practice into your life.


    These moves are ideal for beginners as there are full beginner videos by gurus. These sessions are detailed, enlightening, and full of soothing music. Most videos are in a serene location, which helps with relaxation. There are several teachers, and one can choose which videos to watch.

    About the Channel

    The beginners’ guide gives you sufficient instructions and knowledge which prepares viewers for advanced moves. Instructors also teach relaxation techniques through meditation. You can also try a 10-minute exercise for back pain.

    Our Take

    Gaiam is beneficial for beginners, yogis, athletes, and people suffering from back pain. Their soothing music and serene setting help an individual to envision a calm atmosphere. This way, he can meditate or exercise without distractions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Beachbody have yoga

    Yoga is a complex subject that many people don’t quite understand. This discipline focuses on both the body and mind. There are many gurus around the world trying to instruct yoga enthusiasts. There are many questions that beginners and even experts ask. We have answered those questions below.

    What are the Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners?

    It can be challenging to find the best yoga videos for beginners, especially with many instructors claiming that they are gurus. To get the best DVD for beginners, you should check out a variety of features.

    Establish your goals for exercising before purchasing a yoga DVD. This helps because DVDs come in different categories based on your workout, time spent, and complexity.

    Can I Do Yoga at Home?

    What’s the best place to do yoga more than your home? There is no need to go anywhere or worry about embarrassing situations because you will be alone. This practice doesn’t require heavy lifting, so you don’t worry about hurting yourself. You only need a comfortable mat and a good video.

    Who is the Best Yoga Instructor on YouTube?

    Can you do the 14 day challenge with yoga

    The most popular channel on YouTube is Yoga with Adriene, which means that she is the best according to viewers. She teaches both beginner and advanced classes. She regularly uploads short and long videos for daily practice.

    Can you do the 14-Day Challenge with Yoga?

    An individual can do the 14-day challenge by incorporating different moves into the practice. This is a simple way to reach the set goals by breaking the exercises into days. This makes one stronger as the challenge increase.

    Does Beachbody Have Yoga?

    The Beachbody studio has a collection of their classes, which allows the audience to choose according to their likes. There are teachers and gurus to instruct the students. Various types of moves are taught during the 3-week retreat.


    Yoga can be exciting or confusing, depending on the instructor you choose to follow. It is easy to find videos and DVDs that suit your taste. The good thing about YouTube videos is that you can do them from home, pause, or even download and watch offline.

    How is your Yoga experience from home? Know of any free online yoga classes? Drop us a comment at
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