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    What Should I Eat Before a Workout? 10 Best Pre-Workout Foods

    07 Aug 2019
    What Should I Eat Before a Workout? 10 Best Pre-Workout Foods

    Certain foods give power for longer workouts without using your body glucose to provide energy. This also accelerates the healing process. A good pre-workout meal is essential not only for maximum concentration but also for minimizing muscle damage.

    Understand Your Body

    Eating a good pre-workout snack is vital for providing the stamina to execute effortlessly and complete your training. You need different nutrients in specific ratios, according to your plan and age. Below, we have outlined several nutrients and their roles in your training.



    If you are wondering what to eat before a workout, try protein to boost your capability. Consuming protein such as salmon as a pre-workout snack can enlarge your muscles. What makes protein the best pre-workout meal for muscle gain is that they increase amino acids in the body. Intense resistance exercises cause muscle tearing but amino acids aid in the healing process and also boost growth.



    Carbohydrates can be valuable for your workout nutrition because they act as a power source for your body. If you plan to engage in intense training and wonder which the best pre-workout food for energy is, try carbs. Consuming enough carbohydrates according to your age and magnitude of the exercise provides you with energy.



    You might think fat is unsuitable as a pre-workout meal; however, not all fat is bad. Unsaturated fats are wholesome and full of health benefits. Avoid trans-fats as the body takes longer to breakdown and absorb, especially before a workout.

    Choose Your Timing Wisely

    Pick the time to eat before your training wisely. Even if you eat the best pre-workout foods, it is difficult to see quick results if you donโ€™t time when to have your meals. Eat a balanced diet containing fats, carbs, and protein at least 2 hours prior to exercising. If you canโ€™t do this, remember eating your pre-workout snack but make it smaller than usual. If you only have an hour or less time for your snack, get simple foods that are easy to digest. Combine carbs and protein to prevent an upset stomach as you train.

    What Should I Eat Before a Workout?

    What should I eat 3 hours before a workout

    The best thing to eat before a workout is based on the severity, period, and the type of training you plan to perform. Below are some of the best meals to eat before a workout:

    1. Oats

    Should you eat before a workout? Yes, this is the first step to achieve your objectives. Oats are the best pre-workout snack because they are a rich source of fiber and release carbs gradually. This gradual process keeps the energy levels stable during exercise.

    2. Bananas

    When looking for good pre-workout food, consider bananas because they provide potassium, energy, and carbs which boost muscle performance. Although many fitness enthusiasts drink sweetened water, choose bananas because the sugar in them is easy to digest.

    Timing Is the Key

    3. Peanut Butter Sandwich

    When looking for things to eat before a workout, a peanut butter sandwich is not only cheap, but it is full of nutrients. Peanut butter sandwich is ideal for weight loss or bodybuilding. If you exercise to lose some pounds, this butter makes you full, while for bodybuilding, the protein content helps build muscles.

    4. Apple +Almond Butter and Raisins

    Raisins and apples not only provide fiber, but they are an excellent source of natural sugar. Combine these fruits with almond butter, which contains monounsaturated fats to deal with hunger. This is the ideal snack if you are not so hungry.

    5. Grilled Chicken

    If your objective is gaining weight, then try grilled chicken with broccoli and sweet potatoes. This combination is an excellent choice if you are wondering what to eat before the gym. What places this meal among the best pre-workout foods is the presence of protein, carbs, and potassium.

    6. Bread

    A slice of whole-grain bread is full of carbohydrates. This bread with boiled eggs makes the best pre-workout snack. Carbohydrates provide vigor as the body breaks them down. The body uses this energy as nourishment during the workout.

    7. How About Dried Fruits?

    Dried apricots, berries, raisins, and other fruits not only boost your workout nutrition, but they are also delicious. Dried fruits provide simple carbs, which are useful because they are quickly released into the bloodstream. This process boosts your energy levels for better performance.

    8. Greek Yogurt

    Greek yogurt, unlike other types, does not have additives or artificial sugars; this makes it the best workout food. Add fruits to enhance the taste and provide carbs. Greek yogurt has nearly twice the level of protein found in regular yogurt. Combining fruits and Greek yogurt gives you one of the best pre-workout foods.

    9. DIY Granola Bar

    We know that a granola bar is one of the best pre-workout foods, but did you know you can make it at home. A DIY granola bar is not only cheap, but you can include all the nutritious ingredients you want, for instance, dried fruits, seeds, and grains.

    10. Cottage Cheese

    Cottage cheese makes a good pre-workout meal, especially from a low-fat brand. You get protein which not only acts as a fuel but also helps in the growth and recovery of muscles. This helps you bulk up while burning fat.

    What Should I Avoid Before a Workout?

    What not-to-eat-before-a-workout

    Junk foods, such as carbonated drinks, are low in nutrients and full of sugars which are not ideal for a pre-workout. They cause bloating stomach problems, and even nausea. If you fancy spicy foods, try to avoid them because they cause heartburn and serious issues such as indigestion. Spicy foods can also cause cramps, which would make you abandon your exercise.

    Although you need sugar for energy, avoid refined sugars found in many products. Try healthy alternatives from natural sources such as fruits. Your body can digest and utilize natural sugars faster and effectively. Avoid beans and other legumes as they cause stomach problems which can hinder your exercise.

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pre-workout Meals

    There are many questions that people often ask regarding pre-workout snacks; however, some are common. We gathered these questions and researched to come up with useful answers for you:

    What Makes a Good Pre-workout Snack?

    When looking for a good pre-workout meal for weight loss or mass gain, remember that the amount you eat makes a difference. Choosing the right snack depends on the kind of exercise, severity, fitness, and goals.

    What can I eat 30 min before workout

    Which is the Best Food before Workout (30 Minutes to My Workout)?

    The best food to eat before a workout is a combination of carbohydrates and protein. You donโ€™t have to eat a lot but, for instance, you can have a banana to provide carbs and a spoon of peanut butter, or yogurt for protein. Remember the intensity of your training determines your pre-workout meal. Choose energy bars with at least 25gm of carbs and 10gm proteins. You can also mix the best pre-workout supplement that works for you with water an consume at this time.

    Which are the Best Snacks to Eat an Hour before Exercising?

    If you have an hour before your exercise, choose more substantial snacks, for instance, peanut butter sandwich and honey, and banana. Spread the butter on whole-grain bread, top with the banana, and honey. You can also eat Greek yogurt topped with berries and nuts. This is a delicious combination of proteins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

    A fruit smoothie is also a good alternative. You can blend your favorite fruits, milk, and chocolate to create a delicious and healthy pre-workout drink. You can also soak oats in milk overnight and have them the next day with bananas or fruits of your choice. Remember to put this combination in the fridge for preservation.

    What to eat before a workout

    Which are Best Pre-workout Foods to Eat 3 Hours before Hitting the Gym?

    The best food to eat 3 hours before exercising should contain enough proteins and carbs to keep you going throughout the training. Consider eating a full meal as this provides the body with enough energy. Although you have a heavy meal, remember a balanced diet is crucial for achieving your goals.

    What are the Best Pre-workout Meals for Weight Loss?

    Eating to lose weight might seem absurd, but you canโ€™t go to the gym without a pre-workout meal even if your goal is to shed some pounds. Choose a snack with moderate proteins to help you burn calories and sustain you throughout the process. You also need carbs to provide energy for maximum performance. Foods such as oats, sweet potatoes, and quinoa contain fiber and carbs which fuel you during workouts. You can also visit for more information.


    If you choose to start a workout regime whether to gain or lose weight, donโ€™t forget that what you eat before and after exercising matters. Some foods can cause you to gain weight even if you train hard, while others might bring about no changes. A pre-workout meal provides you with energy and sustenance throughout your training.

    Which is your favorite snack to eat before exercising? Please share your opinion.

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