Jump-Rope Workout
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    Best Jump-Rope Workout

    26 Jun 2019
    Best Jump-Rope Workout

    It is a well-known fact that all sportsmen including football players, swimmers and others are using a jump rope when exercising. While some people consider it to be just a fun for children, the rope can be a wonderful tool for achieving great results. Simple, at first glance, tool with its lightness and compactness is one of the most effective simulators of endurance, developing balance and coordination, at the same time strengthens the cardiovascular system and overall muscle tone.

    In today world, skipping rope is becoming more popular among people involved in fitness as well as in sports equipment and simulator developers. You might think there are no options on improving the following tool but in fact, experts in the company called Tangram have managed to do it.
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    Smart Led Rope For Pleasant Training

    There is nothing better in the whole word than to choose the place for training. You also shouldn’t hurry from work to be in time with gym timetable. All you need is to purchase a smart rope and exercise whenever you can. Besides it, the following tool can boast other great benefits.


    You don’t need to count each jump as the developers have taken care about it. In other words you will see the final number on the screen so all you must do is just to enjoy the process.


    Just imagine how great you will look while exercising with Smart Rope. It is so beautiful that there won’t be a person who will miss a chance to see how it works.


    One more advantage is safety that guarantees you will be able to control the whole process. It means you can see the stress your body gets and correct it.


    What is funnier than competing with friends and see who the best among you is. Smart rope gives users such opportunity. Just exercise and connect with friends via Facebook. Stay motivated and receive extra recommendations from a reliable tool.

    Exercises for Brave Men

    Don’t think rope is suitable only for kids and ladies. It is a great way to exercise for men as well. For most people, the rope is associated primarily with monotone jumps on straight legs, but this is only one type of skipping. In order to lose weight it is recommended to alternate different types of jumps:

    • on straight legs;
    • on bent;
    • with leg change (supporting limb changes each jump);
    • on one leg with knee-lifting (for each jump, try to pull the knee as high as possible to the chest);
    • on two legs from the knees rise;
    • jumps double turn (for as long as your feet are off the ground, the rope must pass twice beneath them.).
    • crosswise (rope holding his arms crossed at the elbow).

    But the most effective one is a combination of jumping rope to running – you run at low speed, parallel jumping over the tow rope. Exercise is more convenient to carry out in the spacious gym or outdoors. Watch more exercises in the following video:

    Great Exercises for Women

    Rope is a handy tool which helps to get rid of excess weight and allows to work with different muscle groups. Jumping is cardio that forces the body to expend calories efficiently.

    A set of exercises for quick weight loss

    Any woman can easily get rid of cellulite, strengthen the abdominal muscles, as well as develop the respiratory system and speed up metabolism with help of Smart Rope. Try to exercise three times a week, for at least half an hour.

    You should start with the usual and calm jumps observing the basic rules: elbows should be close to the body, just jump on toes. Breathing should be smooth. Start with jumping for a minute, and then raise your score.

    • Jumping to the side;
    • Dismiss alternate leg back and put it on the toe;
    • Jump high lifting legs;
    • “Scissors”: perform jumps, constantly changing the position of the legs, exposing forward, then left, then right foot;
    • The most difficult, but productive exercise – double jump when one must jump twice crank rope.

    Then do some stretching, folding the rope in half and holding it at arm’s length in front, the distance between your hands should be wider than shoulders. Try to turn the hands back to the rope behind the back, without bending elbows. Learn more exercise from the next video:


    Perhaps everyone would like to have a beautiful, toned body as well as excellent health. However, in fact it is not easy to make this dream come true. The lack of time, laziness and other similar reasons make thousands of people to suffer from extra kilos day after day. If you are among one of them and are fed up with difficulties you come across then choose a skipping rope that is a checked helper in overcoming the following problem.

    With Smart Rope the process of exercising has become even more pleasant and comfortable. Don’t waste time and start to change your life today!

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