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  • Rollerblade Advantage You Didn’t Know

    13 Apr 2020
    Rollerblade Advantage You Didn’t Know

    Throughout the nineties, it was a super popular sport. You could see men and women as well as children wherever you went. They were riding along the beach, in the parks, through the city streets and so on.. Then all these people gliding on their Best Roller Blades practically disappeared. Nobody was riding anymore and it didn’t seem that anyone knows the reason why this happened. Some claimed that the main reason is the difficulty of the sport. They said that while it was true that everybody could learn the basics only some managed to become good. As a result, a lot of people gave up somewhere along the process.

    It doesn’t mean that all those people stopped exercising. They just replaced it with other activities like running, cycling, going to the gym and so on

    Nevertheless, inline skating is coming back to fashion. It seems that people understood again the benefits of rollerblading and decided that it is better to do it even if not perfect than not to do it at all.

    Health Benefits of Rollerblading

    Investigating what happened to it we were surprised by the benefits of roller skating. We are sure you will be as well because they are so numerous that it is really surprising to think once abandoned the sport. Let’s check out the benefits of inline skating.

    Poor diet, lack of activity and stress in combination are slowly but surely taking a toll on our health. Consequently, more and more people are developing cardiovascular problems. It is necessary to point out that problems of the cardiovascular system aren’t just something that hits older people. Different conditions such as stroke and even heart attack can happen to everyone irrespectively of the age.

    Heart, which is a muscle, of course, becomes stronger when you exercise. Aerobic exercises such as inline skating are fantastic for the heart because they increase the heart rate to about 148 beats per minute. And this is during a 30 minutes ride if you are an average skater. So if you are wondering is rollerblading a good cardio exercise we can say that judging by these findings it is.

    • Builds Muscle Strength

    When you are skating properly your entire lower body is involved, including the shins and calves. After only three months of regular rollerblades workout, you will see each muscle in your lower becoming incredibly strong.

    • Improves the Mood

    Skating provides you with a tremendous sensation of freedom. Imagine just flying through the streets on your skates – you get the feeling everything is possible, don’t you? It can help reduce stress and even anxiety and depression. It sounds unbelievable we know but it is true. The thing is that when levels of bad hormones are reduced, there is a possibility for good hormones like endorphins to emerge.

    There is another thing. The better you get at this sport the more confident you will be. The reason lies in the fact that it isn’t a simple activity. Of course, everybody can learn the basics but not everyone can master the techniques. Therefore the more you achieve the more you will feel self accomplished which can reflect significantly to other aspects of your life.

    • Improves Balance and Coordination

    Problems with balance and coordination are something that bothers a lot of people. However, with rollerblading you can improve them quickly and practically effortlessly. The thing is that the positions that you assume when you are on Best Roller Blades make your body change the center of the mass all the time. This alone wouldn’t be so special if your muscles didn’t memorize each of these positions so whichever you take your body will automatically know what to do. The muscles practically become coordinated to keep you balanced on the skates.

    Is Rollerblading a Good Workout?

    is rollerblading a good workout

    Definitely. When you look at all inline skating benefits it is super easy to conclude that riding Best Roller Blades is one of the best workouts you can do. This is especially because it is an aerobic exercise which makes it perfect for improving heart health and the entire cardiovascular system in general. Same as when you are using Best Skateboard you can increase the benefits if you are going uphill or faster.

    What Muscles Does Rollerblading Work

    As we mentioned before, riding your Best Roller Blades works with your entire lower body. Let’s look at what does rollerblading does for your body and what muscles are targeted.

    what muscles does rollerblading work
    • Gluteal Muscles are tri muscles that make your buttocks – gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. There are two critical movements when you are rollerblading – a hip extension that occurs when you move thighs backward and hip abduction which happens when you move the thigh in front before pushing the foot off the ground.
    • Whenever you flex the knees and make hip extension you are strengthening the quadriceps.
    • Adductors are small muscles in the thigh that get activated when you move the thigh inward.
    • There are two parts of abs – rectus abdominis and obliques and all of these muscles are activated when you are rollerblading.

    Is Rollerblading a Good Exercise for Weight Loss?

    is rollerblading good exercise for weight loss

    When you want to drop some pounds you need to make some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle in general. For example, you have to monitor how many calories you intake and understand how many you have to burn to lose weight. On average women should eat around 2000 calories in a day and men approximately 2500. Now if you want to lose one pound you have to burn 3500 calories.

    Rollerblading is a cardiovascular activity as we mentioned before which means that you are continually moving. Consequently, the more you move the more calories you are burning and this leads to weight loss.

    how many calories does rollerblading burn

    How Many Calories Does Rollerblading Burn?

    Many of you have asked how many calories do roller skating burn. Well, this depends on how fast and how long you are skating. As an example, if you are regularly going 10mph you will burn 6 calories per minute which equates to 360 calories in an hour. But that’s not all. Сalories burned by rollerblading are also turning fat into muscles which is even better.


    When you take a look at all the benefits you can help but be perplexed why at a point in history this activity lost popularity. However, the good news is that it came back and that more people show interest in it and some rollerblading sports as well. Some of the most popular are field hockey and roller derby. We, at the gym– always think about your wellbeing and we hope that you liked the text. We also hope that we encouraged you to get a pair of Best Roller Blades and hit the streets. Keep in mind that you don’t need to become a pro. This can be just a recreational activity and you will still see tremendous benefits.

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