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    Our Complete and Definitive Guide to Beginner Jump Rope Workout!

    03 Aug 2019
    Our Complete and Definitive Guide to Beginner Jump Rope Workout!

    Are you just getting started in your beginner jump rope workout? You may be asking yourself, which is the best fitness jump rope for beginners? Well, we have put together a detailed ‘skipping for beginners’ guide to answer such pressing questions.

    First, many cardio experts will tell you that a jumping rope is arguably the best exercise for conditioning the body. Sadly though, it’s something which we keep on ignoring. A majority of people feel it’s quite difficult while others view it as an impossible task!

    Do You Know How to Jump Rope Correctly?

    Read on if you want to know how to jump rope confidently and consistently. In every set you make, ensure that your misses are as few as possible. While this may be simple for those who are already used to jumping, as a beginner, you may miss one or two skips but just continue with your workout.

    Basic Jump Rope Technique

    The First Beginner Workout

    Arrange your beginner jumping exercises using the following basic technique. The first set should contain 15 skips with a 30 second rest time then have 25 more with again 30 seconds rest time for your second set, and in your third set, take 35 times while also resting for at least 30 seconds. Keep your 4th and 5th with 25 and 15 actions respectively.

    The short training reps help in elevating your heart rate as you grasp the jumping techniques. However, if you can quickly get past your first three sets, increase the momentum in the last two sets. Once you have understood this rope workout routine, you can now move into the next fitness exercise.

    Our Second Jump Rope Challenge for Beginners

    The next all-important technique in the skipping workout for beginners is completing a seven-minute training exercise. Do this effectively and quickly to achieve maximum results. It can be either during a warm-up or as you finish your routine.

    By now, you might be asking yourself, “how long should I jump rope in this training program?” Here, you only have to complete at least 2 skipping rounds of the following:

    Beginner workout
    • Set 1- hop for 30 seconds and rest for the same amount of time

    • Set 2- 45 seconds of intense hops with another 45 seconds of resting

    • Set 3- hop for 1 minute and give yourself another minute for relaxing

    • Set 4- repeat the same process as in your second set with 45 seconds for both jumping and resting

    • Set 5- Complete your rope workout routine with 30-second hops and rest time similar to your first set

    3 Drills to Improve Your Workout Timing

    Every jump rope program for beginners requires skill, coordination, and endurance. It’s a physically demanding routine that tests your agility and athleticism as well as quickness. The critical component in an effective skipping rope workout is timing, and here are simple practice drills to smoothen this workout.

    1. Train Barefoot

    While this jump rope cardio workout for beginners might seem somewhat dangerous, it’s a remarkable method of improving your timing. It allows you to skip with ease as there’s no added shoe weight. People who use this technique even do it for one minute consecutively and strengthen their ankles and feet in the process.

    What to avoid when jump roping

    2. Close Your Eyes When Skipping

    Here is another jump rope exercise for beginners, which is somewhat dangerous. Despite this, it’s one of the perfect opportunities of seeing whether your bounce technique is sound as it helps you to keep your body more in-tune with its surroundings. Eventually, you’ll develop impeccable timing.

    3.Jumping on One Foot

    This is a problematic skipping technique for beginners. Even so, it teaches you how to move your feet as fast as possible while still making sure that you achieve the best height. Here, you’ll never develop the right timing if your feet are just too slow.

    Significant Rope Workout Errors Made By Beginners

    In your jumping rope workout, it’s normal to trip a couple of times as you struggle to grasp the skipping routine. It is something that we are all too familiar with. It’s quite tempting to give up, and at times, this seems like the most comfortable option, but we are here to address some of the mistakes you might be making. They include:

    Practice the timing

    1. Using a Light Rope

    PVC ropes which are famous for their low cost are quite popular today. However, it’s important to note that they are quite challenging to jump with because as you do this, you have no control of the rope. It’s, therefore, difficult to time your activity.

    We are not saying that using light ropes is wrong, but as a beginner, they will only make your workout difficult. To avoid this, choose the best CrossFit rope. They are heavy enough, and you get the freedom of making the necessary adjustments while jumping. A good example is reducing the rotations in your every turn.

    2. Too Many Arm Movements

    Here is something we continue to see even from the most experienced jumpers. A lot of beginners use their elbows as well as shoulders to turn the rope, something which is exhausting and inefficient. Just allow your wrists to make the rotations and don’t move your arms

    How can you tell that you are using too much arm movements? Well, conduct all your rope workouts in front of a mirror. As you work out, use short, relaxed, and regular movements for your shoulders as well as elbows but stop immediately you notice them rotating.

    3. Jumping or Skipping Too High

    The third major mistake we see in beginner jumping exercises is when a person decides to exaggerate his or her jump. Most beginners do this to avoid making skipping mistakes. By creating an ample space between them and the ground, they give the rope more time to move beneath them.

    To avoid making such a terrible mistake, practice in front of a mirror, or even ask a friend to film your routine. Other helpful guidelines include:

    • Ensure that your feet are always together

    • Land on your midsoles to achieve the best bounce

    • Keep your knees slightly bent

    • Count your actions to develop a good rhythm

    4. Poor Jumping Posture

    Another jump rope challenge for beginners that may be affecting you is terrible body posture. In most cases, you are hunched over with your neck forward and skipping using the knees. A good position means that your shoulders are back and mostly down to allow hopping as if you’re using the ‘springs’ in your legs.

    5. Poor Choice of Shoes

    If you don’t prefer jumping on your bare feet, make sure that you are using the right pair of shoes. We feel that the best jump rope exercise routine for beginners is one where you use a specific pair of sneakers because jumping using different shoes will only destroy your timing. So, pick your most preferred pair and don’t change it!

    6. Wide Arms

    Now, if you want to know how to jump rope correctly, keep your arms close to your body. If they are not, you’ll only shorten the rope’s length and further increase your chances of tripping. So, be aware of the distance to adjust your body accordingly.

    Beginner workout

    7. A Too Long or Too Short Rope

    While there are many ‘how to jump rope for beginners’ mistakes, from this list, this is maybe the most frequently occurring error. Many people end up choosing a too short or too long rope. Hence, doing it with more ease, it’s crucial to settle on the right length, and here is a simple procedure to help you do so.

    1. With one foot, stand at the center of the rope

    2. Bring both of the handles on one side until they touch your shoulders

    3. Ensure that these handles are neither above nor below your shoulders

    8. Many Beginners Forget To Have Fun!

    While many people want to learn how to jump rope to lose weight, ‘every roping for beginners’ exercise is all about having fun. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. You will have an easier time once you let loose and stop pressuring yourself!


    Many people choose this activity either to ‘shed’ some weight or for recreational purposes. Whichever reason drives you to do so, it is a simple routine that will surely benefit your body in the long run. It’s a fruitful exercise with several fitness advantages.

    So, do you think you can skip a rope for at least 1 minute flawlessly? How many calories do you burn jumping rope? Leave your expert comments and answers below this guide.

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